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Women of Analytics

Index | Women of Analytics Spotlights

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


It's been one year since we officially kicked off the Women of Analytics initiatives here at Alteryx. On that journey, we introduced a new blog series, where we celebrate and support the achievements of women across the analytics space. As part of the Women of Analytics group launch, we will begin compiling spotlights within this post.
We hope you learn and find inspiration through these stories, chock full of tips, tricks, and great insights!
Index of Spotlights


Alter Everything Podcast Ep. 24: Be unapologetic in your truth

Michelle Kosmicki, Leah Knowles, and Christine Bonthius

We're joined by @LeahK , @MKosmicki, and @ChristineB for a chat about their experience working in the private vs. public sectors, Women of Analytics, and tips for breaking the mold.



Alter Everything Podcast Ep. 22: I had no idea I was such a data nerd

Deborah Diesel

We're joined by @ddiesel  for a chat about her journey through analytics, data dilemmas, and mentor/mentee relationships.



Alter Everything Podcast Ep. 19: The answer is typically "yes"

Tasha Alfano

We're joined by @TashaAfor a chat about software engineering, developer tools, and we'll find out what's in that gigantic binder she carries around the office...hmm

Katie Haralson_Headshot.jpg

Alter Everything Podcast Ep. 15: Hungry to learn

Katie Haralson

We're joined by @KatieH for a chat about her journey to Product Management and the new Visualytics tools in Alteryx Designer.


Libby headshot 2018 3_resized.jpg


Women of Analytics Spotlight | Libby Duane Adams

Libby Duane Adams

@LDuane, Alteryx co-founder and Chief Customer Officer shares her insights and what drives her to be a trailblazer for WoA.




Road to Inspire | Episode Three

Deborah Diesel

@ddiesel has been using Alteryx since 2016 and has benefitted from all the great resources available on the Community to learn Alteryx.




Road to Inspire | Episode Two

Tessa Enns

After only six months of using Alteryx, @tessaenns was thrilled about the possibilities the platform has opened up for her. 



Women of Analytics Spotlight | Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson (@NicoleJohnson)

Sr. Consultant, Business Solutions


We'd love to highlight your experience and achievements in an upcoming blog spotlight!  Fill out our Women of Analytics Survey for the opportunity to share your story with the Alteryx Community. 

The survey should take less than 15-20 minutes to complete. 


We also plan to leverage survey submissions to identify potential panelists for upcoming events.


 If you have any questions please let us know by replying to this thread or via email community@alteryx.com

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@LeahK this is great! thanks for taking the time to share this resources in a very neat and easy to access way.

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@LeahKThis is such a great forum to understand & appreciate how women get successful in the analytical space. It was good meeting you too at the conference. Hope to see meet with you again sometime soon.

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Great idea! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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Just found this forum and I’m already in love with it. Thank you for maintaining this page.

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12 - Quasar

Welcome, @damc !  Great to have you join the group!



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