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Women of Analytics

Share your ideas! - WoA Panel topics & questions

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey there WoA Community!


As we gear up for our next Women of Analytics panel, we wanted to take the opportunity to get some feedback on the topics/themes that are most important to you.


Our next panel will take place at the Inspire Europe 2019 conference  in London on October 16th. We are really looking forward to highlighting several extraordinary women with diverse career experiences & backgrounds on the panel again this year! We'll be sure to keep you posted on final speaker selection and other event related details right here in the WoA groupRegister for Inspire Europe.


In the meantime, whether you are attending the conference or not, we'd love to hear your ideas for topics/questions (for the upcoming panel and/or future Women of Analytics events).


Please share your ideas for WoA panel topics or questions by commenting below.


If you can't think of a particular topic or question, it would be great to get some insight on your personal experiences. Here are a few questions to help guide your contribution:

  • What do you hope to learn from attending a Women of Analytics panel?
  • If you've attended a previous panel, is there anything you wish we would have touched on that we didn't?
  • As a woman in the analytics/tech space, what challenges do you currently face?


Tagging in a few friends to help get the idea sharing started!




9 - Comet

After giving this question some thought and reflecting back on last year's Europe Inspire WoA panel, I have the following ideas/feedback to offer...


1. Resilience - Expose vulnerable moments when you felt that being a woman in the data analytics space or business in general worked against you. Though it is uncomfortable to openly discuss gender discrimination, let alone tactfully and effectively articulate it, a panel of female leaders in a WoA discussion is an ideal place to speak up and address what a lot of women are thinking... 1) are my feelings valid? 2) is the risk of standing up for myself too much for me to take on? 3) if I do want to take the risk - how to I even go about tackling it in the first place? 4) what mindset sets me up for success?  5) what situations/outcomes/achievements have you experienced when tackling discomfort? 5) what frustrates you and what do you do about it?


2. My next thought is not a topic, but rather feedback based on a theme I noticed last year that I would encourage this year's panel to stay away from: discussing what others have done for you, rather than discussing what you have done for yourself. For instance, when the panel was asked last year what has helped you succeed, there was a lot of mention of how their boss's behaviors and actions set them up for success. Having a boss or leader who advocates and removes hurdles for you is indeed important, but from an audience perspective we are interested in you. What have you done to remove hurdles for yourself? IE you had a bad boss who was not advocating for you so you removed that hurdle from your life by finding one who did or perhaps by becoming your own boss. OR what risks did you take to get to where you are today? We want to hear what you have done to advocate for yourself, give yourself the credit you deserve while inspiring the audience to do the same!


Hope this is helps and I wish I could be there! Cheers to all women of analytics!








5 - Atom

Some really great ideas already!  


With the individual contributor career path becoming more common in companies, what are some steps that you took (or advice you might have as a manager) for someone on that path to succeed, and how did you go about showcasing your work to your company and team?  


Based on Kat Cole's, North America COO and President of FOCUS Brands, "hotshot" rule. 

1. Do you have a rule/technique that you use to reevaluate your role and how often do you do this?

2. What are 2 or 3 things / skills you feel a "hotshot" analyst needs to succeed?


Looking forward to hearing the WoA panel.

11 - Bolide
@tessaenns I love your second question. Self-advocacy and building your personal brand go a long way! I would love to hear how others do this.
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Oi, @Ana_dup_26! I love your enthusiasm and I am 100% sure you have a lot to share with our Communities! In fact, I would like to encourage you to get involved with our Portuguese Community and share your amazing experiences in the health industry! 

Te vejo lá! 

Flávia Brancato