Women of Analytics

Introducing Me

5 - Atom

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, nice to meet all of you. My colleague had mentioned to me about this group and I'm glad that he did! I work in an Alteryx enablement team in my company whereby I am the only female, so it feels a little lonely at times 😅 (Is anyone in the same situation as me? Do share). Just to share with all of you, I have passed the Core Certification a month ago and I am excited to learn the best ways to come up with Alteryx solutions. I am looking forward to engaging with all the lovely ladies in this group 🌻🌼

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Hi Sarah, I am also Sarah 😂

Welcome to the Alteryx fun! I am not the only woman on my team, so I cannot relate to your specific experience but I am here to support and uplift you on your journey! Congrats on the Core Cert, I achieved that myself. Hoping to accomplish the next level this year.

Will you be at Inspire in Las Vegas?

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Hi Sarah! Thank you, this means a lot to me :) Congrats on your Core cert as well and all the best for the next levels. 


I don't think I will join Inspire this year but I would be looking forward to attend once.


I was wondering, is the Women of Analytics badge still available?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to the group! Looking forward to hearing from you more on here.  


I'm not sure about the badge.  I'll look into that one for you. 





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Hi Erica! Nice to meet you :) 


That would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much! Hope to hear some good news on the badge soon.