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ICYMI: Videos of Inspire 2021 WiDS Panel Discussions!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Couldn’t join us for the three regional Women in Data Science (WiDS) panel discussions aired live at our Virtual Global Inspire conference in May? You’re in luck — we have the recordings for you here!


Alteryx co-founder and Chief Advocacy Officer Olivia Duane Adams hosted three hourlong panels, each focused on the North America, EMEA and APJ regions. These lively discussions included conversations about data science and analytics in education, upskilling, and the digital transformation of business.


Check out any or all of the three discussions below!







Feeling fired up? Explore the SparkED resources for education and upskilling opportunities.


What stood out to you in these conversations? What questions did they bring up for you? Let’s keep these conversations going — comment below with your thoughts.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Awesome to see how diversity in leadership and upskilling initiatives are such important topics across all businesses and all geographic areas. Thank you to all of the WiDS panelists -- fantastic discussions! 👏