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Challenge #99: SANTALYTICS 2017 - Part 3

Creative Director
Creative Director

Share so loud and proud we hear it!

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It's Santalytics time and we got the spirit!


Mad skills chillin, the solution's out

and that's what community is all about!


Part 3 of #SANTALYTICS is here! While we all love a great poster, nothing really happens when you touch it. Let's bring the  Periodic Table of Alteryx tools into the information age and make it interactive!


Goal: Take a visualization from Part 2 and make it easier to use, anyway you like! Here are some suggestions:

  • Make it interactive.
  • Lay it out differently.
  • Classify the data your way.
  • Include a legend/lookup table.

Share your new and improved periodic table in the social network of your choice! Use the #SANTALYTICS hashtag and holler at us @alteryx 


WeeklyChallenge100.pngNo one reaches the Lhotse Face without these!

SANTALYTICS swag and the badge is attainable throughout 2017 - so tell your friends and co-workers!


After you have completed Part 3 and shared your cheer with the world, kick back and enjoy the rest of 2017. We'll be taking a break from Weekly Challenge until January 8, 2018 when we go live with Challenge #100. This gives you the chance to catch up on missed challenges or hone the skills you need to earn those crampons!



Tara McCoy
I deiced to make it more useful by adding a link to the help doc for each tool! I manually setup a list of the help doc URLs and added it to the input. Then I modified a report text tool to include the link.

Created an interactive dashboard in Tableau where you can click on the tool category and only the tools in that category show up.  Hovering over the tools shows basic tool information.  Included the Alteryx workflow showing writing of .tde and the export of the tool files as .png.  Zipped the files below.


Alteryx Partner



Maybe somebody can help me out, I try to dynamically filter the output on Tool Category with a List Box in a macro. However this only works once, since the Replace a Specific String in the Update Value tool is overwritten. I'm fairly new to Alteryx and couldn't figure a solution that would work more than once. Any suggestions?


Alteryx Partner

Further testing revealed that my list box is only working when one box is ticked. A multiple selection is not passed through to the filter. What am I doing wrong?

@Ilías In your action tool, You should change your separator from double to single quotes to match your start and end text. That looks like it would do it. You can use the interface designer >  Test View > Open Debug to test out your macro and see what values it's actually replacing.  You can see the quotes mismatch:


Alteryx Partner

Patrick, thanks a lot. That was the only thing I didn't check, should use the debugger next time!


My final solution is attached.

Alteryx Certified Partner

As we have a few weeks off, I decided to go all out on this one as a last bit of Alteryx effort for the year. So I made a personalised Periodic Table for all those who take part in the weekly challenges. See your own Periodic Table here: Periodic Table of alteryx Tools - Weekly Edition

Period of Table of alteryx Tools.png

I used the following steps to build this:


  1. Scrape all of the Weekly Challenge links from the Welcome & Index Page
  2. For each link calculate the number of pages and download all of the html
  3. Within each downloaded page scrape all links to attached workflows
  4. Download every workflow
  5. Parse the XML from each workflow to extract the tool information
  6. Re-jig the data ready for the final output to .tde


And here are the pics:


Weekly Challenge 99 1.png


Weekly Challenge 99 2.png


Weekly Challenge 99 3.png


Weekly Challenge 99 4.pngWeekly Challenge 99 5.png

Weekly Challenge 99 6.png



@LordNeilLord - you, sir, are a wizard. That is AMAZING. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

@NicoleJohnson it's amazing what you can achieve when you have nothing better to do