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Practice Exercise

Learning Path 1: Exercise 4: Tax & Audit


Congratulations on completing Exercise 4! 


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5 - Atom

Hello, I believe there is currently an issue with the question as it relates to the datasets. 


The question states to Associate the appropriate "Shipping Method" with each order based on its "Order_Priority," but we do not have shipping methods listed, but rather payment methods in the given dataset. This would be fine, but the question asks the user to look for items shipped via Freight. The final state shown, has the "REVIEW" items marked as those that had a transfer method of direct deposit, and a vendor of N/A. 


If the question could be updated to match the given datasets, or the datasets change to those provided in the solution to match the question, it would be much appreciated. Thank you very much!

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5 - Atom
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I believe there may currently be an issue with this practice exercise. I downloaded the exercise via the learning path.  The exercise asks to identify all orders which contained "Technology" items that were sent via "Freight."  However, the "Line Item Categories" dataset does not include a "Technology" classification. I could not find a "Technology" classification in any of the raw data provided as part of this exercise.


When I open the solution, the analagous dataset is called "Product Categories," which does contain a "Technology" classification.


Can you please clear this up? My incomplete solution is attached for reference.





7 - Meteor

Was able to do most of the challenge except for the last part. Like the others below have mentioned there is no mention of technology or freight. 

But we can still do the bulk of the exercise involving transpose, cross tab, join and text to column. The last filter part should be relatively easy. 

6 - Meteoroid

Learning Path 1: Exercise 4


6 - Meteoroid

I agree with the previous comments that the exercise is talking about data that is not included in the raw input data provided. Can this be updated so the exercise can be completed? I have attached my un-finished exercise for reference. Thanks!

6 - Meteoroid
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