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MAUG 2016 Q2 Meeting

6 - Meteoroid

We hope to see you at our next Milwaukee Alteryx User Group, the week after Inspire 2016. We'll discuss the conference, display some Grand Prix expertise, and network at Swingin' Door after!

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5 - Atom

Would it be possible to post the presentation from this past meeting? We would be interested in sharing the summary slides from the Alteryx Inspire Conference with our larger team and this was a great overview!


6 - Meteoroid

Definitely... I've attached the pptx presentation to this post, thank you for the feedback!

7 - Meteor



Thank you all for attending and thank you Rachel for your question. In addition to the slides, as I mentioned in the meeting, there are weekly exercises Alteryx uses to keep their product engineers sharp. They have made these exercises available to the user community via the Alteryx Community-- I highly recommend walking through them weekly. Over the next few weeks, the exercises will actually be the challenges the drivers in the Grand Prix were asked to solve. Last weeks exercise has a few gotchas which, once accomplished, garner some of those feather-in-the-hat bits of knowledge!