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Saudi Arabia Government Automates Job-Seeker Programs with Alteryx Analytic Process Automation

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Overview of Use Case

The Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) is a Saudi governmental authority responsible for providing financial support to organizations that train and qualify Saudis in the private sector. They use the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform to deliver end-to-end automation of analytics, and now they are able to spend more time in decision making, less time in modifying processes because the entire data is organized in one place. The process is 90% faster and 95% customized.


Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve  

The National Job-Seeker Support Program (Hafiz):
This Program supports job seekers to find appropriate and sustainable jobs and provide them with the necessary skills and resources in order to join the labor market. It consists of the Hafiz Searching for Employment Program and the Hafiz Difficulty Finding Employment Program.

  • Hafiz Searching for employment program: 
    The Hafiz searching for employment program provides a monthly financial assistance targeting    young job seekers between 20-35 years who fulfil the subsidy eligibility requirements.

  • Hafiz Difficulty in finding employment program:
    The Hafiz difficulty finding employment program provides financial targeting jobseekers who are over 35 years or those who completed the Hafiz Searching for employment program without being able to find an appropriate job.

This Eligibility process is carried out on a monthly basis by processing millions of data to identify potential individuals. We have been using various technologies to perform variety of data processing and each tool has its own limitations which created difficulties in decision making. The amount of time taken, degrees of freedom for customizations, executions and tracking were very challenging. Other challenges were:


  • Resources and cost were huge to carry out these operations.
  • Interactions with siloed teams for completion of program.
  • Similar information was scattered, no single source of truth.
  • Total Execution time were around five days.

Describe your working solution

We have been using Alteryx Designer for internal analysis for more than a year. However, we moved our entire program into Alteryx in March 2020 and keep using it every day now. Alteryx has created a data- savvy environment among our program team.

Number of processes using Alteryx:


  • Eligibility process for Hafiz Searching for employment program.
  • Eligibility process for Hafiz Difficulty in finding employment program.
  • Payment process for Hafiz Searching for employment program.
  • Payment process for Hafiz Difficulty in finding employment program.
  • Payment, Rejections and collections processes for ERP.
  • Integration with Business Support systems.
  • Individual 360-Customer Support System.

Automated Processes Workflow samples:



Describe the benefits you have achieved

We want to keep expanding Alteryx for other programs and reduce more time in manual processing and increase efforts to spend time on more strategic decision making, by automating the entire process.


Ever since our program has moved into Alteryx, we seamlessly execute huge amount of data at any moment of time. Alteryx automation has reduced our efforts in terms of collecting, analyzing, processing and sharing data with various teams are reduced. Maximum acceleration is attained at best level during data processing. Here are some of the other benefits:


Before Alteryx

With Alteryx

3 different systems for Eligibility, Payment and Integration

Alteryx Designer performs all activities

Data scattered at various place, need for collaboration with various applications

Individual’ 360 Eligible information at one place using Analytical application

Lot of time to implement customizations using Code based programming

Drag and Drop based tools simplified process

More than 18 months of implementation with multiple resources

Less than 1 month implementation with one resource

More than 4 resources to maintain process

Less than 1 FTE to handle whole process

Limitations in integrating with external applications

Integration was faster with lesser limitations



  • Results are provided in less than 3 minutes from millions of data.
  • Easy tracking logic and quick customizations.
  • 10 days process reduced to less than 5 hours.
  • 10 hours of waiting time reduced to less than 5 minutes.
  • Dynamic simulation results anytime.
  • Accessing 360 information at place with analytical applications.
  • Integration has become simpler.