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Macromill Accelerates Reporting with Alteryx

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Overview of Use Case

Macromill, Inc. is a global market research and digital marketing solutions provider headquartered in Japan. They conduct over 35,000 annual surveys and serve more than 4,200 brands and agencies. In this use case, Ryota Mori, Manager of Product Development Group, shares how Macromill improved their processes and automated reports using Alteryx.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

Before Alteryx, they imported text data output from statistical analysis software into Tableau and then they processed. Alteryx was the catalyst for integrating multiple processes that before were done in multiple software.


"We needed to increase the number of people who could analyze data at Macromill, but we needed to take in consideration the speed of learning the system, the user interface, the support, the information available on the internet, etc.,” said Mr. Mori.

As a result, Mr. Mori said that the introduction of Alteryx which has an intuitive operation was excellent, combining the overall cost reduction of educational resources and improvement of business efficiency. "I don't need to teach the staff how to use it, so it's helpful because they can use if I’m away,” said Mr. Mori. In addition, the analysts who work for clients and the sales support staff also use Alteryx for internal work. It is said that "goodness of" is felt.

Describe your working solution

Systems that are slow to run can interrupt the analyst's thinking. Earlier systems were disappointing in terms of processing speed. "Before installing Alteryx, when dealing with large data, we used to run the process before lunch, go eat and then rework after lunch. It took a long time to remember what we were doing because we were constantly having to interrupt our thoughts," said Mr. Mori.As an analyst, it is important that the line of thought is not cut off while waiting for processing.


Alteryx, on the other hand, has greatly improved processing speed. In some cases, like aggregating data from a database and outputting data resulted in 1,200 times more performance efficiency.


Also, in the process of combining purchase log data and awareness data from tens of thousands of panelists it’s so fast you'll think “there is no way it could have combined the data that quickly.” Alteryx blends data and gives you a result so fast you think "I must have set something up wrong...or it must have stopped processing in the middle of the batch."


Mr.Mori explained three advantages to speeding up processing. Of these, the first one is that users can work with the system pleasantly. If the processing speed is slow, it will lower the frequency of use of the system. Processing speed should come first before operational-efficiency. The main importance of an analytics system is being able to run smoothly. The second is the delivery time. Improvement in processing speed means faster delivery to clients. Also, fewer procedures has led to the increase in the profit margin, and ultimately, to the price reduction.


In the past, clients had to wait several days for re-delivery when they requested a rework after delivery, but now Macromill can offer it within a day.


If it takes one or two days to fix something, the client may not be able to submit the report as a meeting material in time. The rework is mentally burdensome for those who have to do it, but from a client's point of view, they feel somewhat hesitant to make another new request after having made one already. Being able to give the rework done so quickly realizes smoother communication with the clients.. Work efficiency has been dramatically improved due to the good cooperation and dashboards can be published directly to Tableau.


And third, the report visualization has become beautiful. After Alteryx, every time a report is created, the staff can afford a review time to achieve a beautiful template. The improvement was made by taking advantage of the shortened report creation time, and it became a good spiral. The bigger the scale and the more reports output, the greater the benefits.


When Mr. Moni was using Tableau, he often read the Classmethod technical blog called “Developers.IO”.


 "One of the reasons I come to use Alteryx is that the tech blog often provided information about it. My evaluation of the tool was already done then.”


 It is easier to use more tools with more information. In the case of Alteryx, in addition to Developers.IO, the community allows you to easily exchange information.

"I realized the importance of the user community at Tableau. The Alteryx community is passionate because it is not so large. It is important for users to disseminate information  to those who have the same challenges. By communicating, I can organize my knowledge and finally give feedback inside the company,'' said Mr. Mori.

Describe the benefits you have achieved

The company initially purchased only one license and increased the number of licenses as the number of users increased. "We want to extend the reach of Alteryx. I hope we can replace the static information in spreadsheets and presentations with Alteryx,” concluded Mr. Mori.


People are always reluctant to changing software because it changes their work, so you must be able to get over it positively. A small start is good, you can use it in places

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