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An HR Evolution at TE Connectivity

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
An HR Evolution at TE Connectivity
Name: Andrew Cook, Manager, HR Analytics Solutions and Bradley Gaston, HR Analytics Solution Lead
Company: TE Connectivity  

Overview of Use Case

TE Connectivity experienced an HR evolution, which included new technology to create centralized big-data hubs, an on-demand portal for end-users to consume dashboards and ad-hoc analytics, and a more consistent method for preparing employee data for visualization. The team used Alteryx to create organizational charts, connect to various cloud-based tools using APIs, and the process for building repeatable workflows to update a Hadoop cluster for visualizations.


Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

TE Connectivity wanted to establish a Center of Excellence (CoE) for HR Analytics. They needed a sustainable way to flow employee data from the cloud into something that could be used by data analysts. The primary objectives for the HR Analytics CoE were to use data to impact workforce strategy, enable scenario-based decision making, and recognize cost-benefit opportunities.


The Analytics team wanted to shift from being order-takers to being more consultative.  Additionally, they were concerned with data quality and needed a way to establish better data governance.  The team wanted to ensure that all data was clean to avoid any risks associated with incorrect employee information.


Finally, TE Connectivity needed a one-stop shop for all HR data. The team leverages several disparate data sources—Excel, iCims, Oracle, Access—and they needed a way to house all data as one source of the truth. Before Alteryx, the team felt that they were being reactive rather than proactive, and by the time leadership received insights it was old news.

Describe your working solution



What is Vizion?


Vizion is an on-demand HR analytics portal powered by Alteryx and Tableau Server. It is designed to make value-added HR analytics available to HR business partners in a consistent, yet agile way. It offers:


- Self-service analytic portal

- Single location for all data

- Ease of use for teams that are not data literate


The “Vizion” portal has allowed the team to increase data transparency across the entire organization. Instead of spending time ensuring that the data was correct, they can now focus on discovering greater insights.





Describe the benefits you have achieved

Data Governance


Prioritize data fields based on business impact rather than urgency

- Prioritized a small number of data fields based on their degree of impact and importance to business priorities.

- Assign global (whenever possible) business rules to each data point.


Standardize the document processes

- Compiled data and process dictionaries to help data producers and data owners fix their data and prevent errors going forward.

- Monitor changes in process to determine if business rules still apply.


Drive transparency and accountability through a public Q score

- Calculates and communicates a data quality score – the Q score – to an individual business unit to increase organization-wide visibility into data quality and drive data owners to improve it.

- Q score is measured quarterly and is one metric used to measure continuous improvement initiatives.




Stopping the Human ETL efforts and focusing on data insights

- Standardizing the data preparation processes

- Certifying Alteryx workflows for repeatable usage and as a foundation for future workflows.

- Performing calculations and other data prep process that were previously done in Tableau.


HR Data Architecture

- Combining disparate data sources to include non-HR data.

- Preparing data, migrating it into Hadoop, as well as creating TDE files.


Tackling complex HR Analytics Questions

- Organizational hierarchy that incorporates benefits salary

- Business to Business transfers.


Vizion Community

- The Vizion Community is centrally located and serves to enable knowledge sharing amongst consumers of business analytics to help solve business problems. It is used to get the word out about analytics and build up HR analytics capabilities.

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