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London, UK

Please feel free to join this group if you want to see more from fellow Alteryx users in London. We'll be sharing examples, links to events, and learning who's who in the Alteryx London community.

London User Group Leaders:

Paul Houghton, The Information LabJoe Lipski, The Javelin Group Ltd.

Gillian Rodger, Kurt Geiger

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Re-Cap - #15 London Alteryx User Group - 19/06/2018


A massive thank you to everyone who attended the London user group on Tuesday, 19 June. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. A special shout out to Tesco who hosted the event in their London office in Farringdon.


For those of you that weren’t able to make it, a brief summary of the night’s events are as follows:

  1. Inspire Europe is only 108 days away!! The conference will be held in the Intercontinental O2 in London. If you have an interesting case study of how Alteryx is being used within your business then we want to hear from you. The deadline for speaker submissions nearly upon us, close of play Friday 22nd For anyone interested, full details about the conference can be found here.
  2. It’s time to get certified! Alteryx now offers a certification program which consists of 3 different levels. The first two levels, Alteryx Designer Core and Alteryx Designer Advanced, are available now and are free of charge. Once you have successfully completed both these levels, the highest level of certification, Alteryx Designer Expert, is available for only $150!! Find out all you need to know on the community: The Alteryx Product Certification Program
  3. World Cup of Alteryx Tools – Our very own Joe Lipski is on a mission to unveil the champion of all Alteryx tools. You need to vote in order to help your favourite tool progress to the next round. Get involved on the twittersphere_ - @Joe_Lipski #WorldCupOfAlteryxTools


And now for some insight into our magnificent speakers…


Nicholas Metzgen - Director of Transaction Advisory Services at EY

Nicholas provided an overview of how heavily Alteryx is being used at EY. He demonstrated that there is nothing that Alteryx can’t solve and was able to give us an example of how it saved the day by solving a restaurants P&L mystery quickly and easily.




Nick Cavey – Pre Sales Consultant at Alteryx

Nick explained how he was able to predict the winner of the World Cup by using Alteryx. The outcome of his model predicted that if England managed to finish top of their group, they would face Brazil in the quarter finals and their world cup dream would be over (yet again). Brazil would then face Germany in the final where Germany would over power the Brazilians and be crowned champions (yet again).  Sorry England, but history suggests Nick’s got this one spot on :) 


Nick C.png



Nick Jewell – Product Strategy at Alteryx

Nick was able to give us a fantastic overview of what to expect from Alteryx in the future. He let slip that ‘cache anywhere’ functionality is on its way which I’m sure you are all as excited about as I am.  If you can’t wait to get your hands on version 2018.3, sign up now to join the beta program: Alteryx Analytics Beta 2018.3


Nick J.jpg


Ben Moss & Peter Gamble-Beresford – Consulting Analysts at The Information Lab

Ben and Peter both graduated from the Data School and are now full time consultants at The Information Lab. They were both invited to speak at Inspire US and wowed the crowd with an Escape Room game using Alteryx. The details of this cannot yet be released as they are planning on returning to the stage at the next user group to put us through our paces.

 Ben Peter.png



Tips & Tricks

Lots of useful tips were shared by Ben, Peter & Joe:

  • Write to temporary directory as an output: %Temp%.csv. You can do this for any data output by changing the extension.



  • A quick and easy way to view your data file is by right clicking the link in results window. This will give you the option to open the output or view the file in the folder.



  • Auto save – Alteryx automatically saves a copy of your work in the following location: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Alteryx\Autosave
  • Missing an input for the Join tool? Well now there is an easy way to find the possible inputs and connect straight away. Right click on the Join tool and select View Possible Connections:



  • If you need to change the data type of more than one field in the Select tool you can simply highlight all the fields that you need, click on Options and select Change Field Type of Highlighted Fields



  • View only the fields that you need by deselecting unnecessary fields in the Browse tool:



  • Create a new input with the output of another workflow. Copy all records with headers and paste on a new workflow to create input.
  • Changing your workflow into a macro? Right click on Input tool to create a Macro Input.
  • Did you know there were games in Alteryx Designer? To take advantage of these go to Help > About and double click on the logo.
  • Created a workflow and missed out a tool? Simply use the insert after functionality by right clicking on the tool and select Insert After:



  • The release of 2018.2 has introduced some new functionality to keep those workflows tidy. Not only can you align your tools horizontally/vertically but you can now distribute your tools evenly on the canvas:




If you are interested in speaking or hosting an event in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the London User Group Committee.



Gillian, Joe & Paul


Awesome recap @grodge13! I love seeing what you guys are doing across the pond. :) Keep up the good work London User Group! I can't wait for the next exciting meetings!


Love from all the way in SoCal. 


Thanks very much for the great recap! It is very informative and inspiring. (I was planning to attend the user group but did not make it.)