Leeds, UK

Q1 Leeds User Group

7 - Meteor



Leeds Users!

Come along and join your Alteryx peers for our first Leeds User Group Meeting!


Alteryx User Groups provide an opportunity to share knowledge, tips & tricks and best practices.  Join us at the Asda head office to hear from guest speakers within retail and logistics and network with other Alteryx users.


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Thursday, 7th March, 18:00 – 19:30 GMT.

Doors will be open from 17:30



Asda House

Great Wilson St

Leeds,  LS11 5AD

Free parking is available on site.



17:30 – Doors open & networking

18:00 – Welcome & Introductions

18:10 – Talks:

  • Liam Spencer, Asda  – AB Testing: What, Why & How
  • Hermes Team  –  Parcel Shop & Courier Performance Use Cases
  • David Thorpe, Alteryx  –  Latest Release Features
  • Open Mic & Pipeline Planning

19:30 - Networking


We can't wait for you to join us!

7 - Meteor

This is looking like its going to be a great start to the new year and we hope to continue with a strong line up throughout the year.

7 - Meteor

Looking forward to this, thanks for arranging!

7 - Meteor

Please find the slide for the talks from the night.IMG_1925.jpgIMG_1927.jpgIMG_1930.jpg

7 - Meteor

Hi All,


And thanks to those that were able to make the session. It was made by the fantastic content provided by the speakers followed by insightful questions. As a result we would like to keep the momentum going.




- We learned about AB testing from Liam (Asda) who gave a great talk on the background of what, why and how to use AB tools in Alteryx and placed this in to context within Asda.

- We also heard from Sam and Si (Hermes) who gave two great business case examples of how they use Alteryx, what was really interesting was how they were able to combine, in isolation relatively simple tools, to make large scale workflows capable of handling massive amounts of data.

- Finally, we learnt about some of the new and exciting new features of Alteryx version 2019.2 and were able to ask many questions due to having David and Jordan (Alteryx) in the room.


It was a great session, very relaxed but insightful.


These sessions are a great opportunity to meet other users, with different business cases, from around Leeds to learn and share experiences as well as network.


As a result we would like to call for more speakers in the next session: you can present a business case, demo a workflow or even discuss a problem with the group and utilise the collective experience. If you would like to present (it is very casual) please get in touch (thomas.waddington@asda.co.uk).


The next session will be taking place on the 13th of June in Asda again - details to be confirmed nearer the time.