Leeds, UK

2020 Q1 Leeds User Group Meeting Recap

7 - Meteor

If you didn't manage to make the Q1 user group meet up last week, here's a recap of what was a fantastic session!


To kick off we heard from Andrew Bryan @ajbryan

Andrew shared how he used a snowball strategy to look at annualised recurring revenue and show the retention year on year.

He demonstrated how he joined his data back to itself to bring together last year and this year's data to allow comparisons and segmentation of revenue as new wins, churn, up-sell and down-sell.




We then had a Q&A session with Mark Frisch @MarqueeCrew 

Firstly we saw a short video from Mark about his recent travels across the US with Alteryx.  We then took to the sofas to hear his stories about the early days of using Alteryx, his experiences with the CReW Macro Pack and his collaboration with Adam Riley as well as answering many more questions from myself, our resident Alteryx ACE @rafalolbert and our audience.


After a good chat over pizza and drinks, Mark took us through the ideas and development of his latest macros, which are listed on the CReW website:




Again, massive thanks you goes out to @ajbryan  and @MarqueeCrew  for sharing at our Leeds AUG and to all who came along to make it another great session.


We are now looking volunteers to present in the next meeting on Thursday 23rd April, so please reach out if you have something you'd like to share.  Whether you're brand new to Alteryx, as many of our group were this time, or you're an experienced user, we would love to hear about your analytics adventure!


See you at the next event!



10 - Fireball

I really think it’s worth a close up on those boots!


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks Leeds user groupf for hosting yet again another fantastic meeting! @ChrisS and I are thrilled to see some pictures and @MarqueeCrew in his boots! 🙂

8 - Asteroid

Hi Tony,


Do you mind if I use this picture in a blog I'm writing? I'll attribute the picture to you of course (assuming it is yours ...)