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Spatial 101 & 102: Post Your Solutions


Thank you for watching our spatial breakout sessions: Spatial 101 & 102! We covered everything from the basics of our green tools to the intricacies of building geometries.  At the end of our sessions, we invited you to provide your own workflows to answer the questions provided in our use cases:


Spatial 101:

  • Analyze customer location data to understand trade area extent.

Spatial 102:

  • What retail locations could see a permanent decrease in traffic due to offices shifting to remote-first?


We can't wait to see what you come up with and let us know if we can provide any assistance!

5 - Atom

Hi - very interesting demo on how to use the OSM data for spatial analysis in Alteryx - I only saw it as a video, which I highly recommend to anyone landing on this post - was the workflow shared during the conference? If so, would it be possible to share it here again?