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Product Training at Inspire 2018

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

ProductTrainingInspire18.pngThis year you don't have to choose between training and other Inspire events.

Training now has dedicated days on Monday & Thursday with options to select full day (6 hours) and Elective Courses (2 hours). We've also made an effort to re-categorize all Inspire offerings into a wider range of difficulty level, from Beginner to Advanced — and even Expert!

Whether you are embarking on a journey into analytics or exploring the canvas as a seasoned workflow builder, these sessions are an opportunity to dive right in or refresh on Alteryx essentials. Support, spur, and speed up your understanding of the basics with Designer and Server, all while strengthening your analytics core.

If you have been steadily working with Alteryx and find yourself thinking “there must be a better way,” these sessions will help you amplify your skills, ask deeper questions of your data, and enhance your process. Boost your knowledge of the platform and expand your drag-and-drop horizons.

If you are experimenting with building, extending, or customizing the Alteryx platform, these challenging sessions will set you up to unlock the technical possibilities of altering and enhancing your workflows. Get ready to push the boundaries of what users (and we!) know is possible.

Exclusive to the training track, expert level classes cover the following topics: Advanced Analytics, R-Based Macro's, the Gallery API, and Spark Direct.

You can browse all available classes, as well as filter by type and level, on the Inspire Training Page.

Not sure where to start? No problem!  Here are a few recommendations from the training team:



Macros & Apps sessions have been separated into Intermediate & Advanced level courses:

Designer 201: Macros
If you've been working with .yxmds for a while, step it up to .yxmcs! In this course, students will learn how to parameterize a workflow for production, implement best practices for macro development and create a variety of simple macros that can help cut down on repetitive processes.

Designer 301: Macros
You are used to working in macros, but you want to know how you can be more creative with them. This course will focus on more advanced iterative and batch macro construction, management, and sharing.

Designer 202: Apps
If you are constantly being asked to change your workflow to reflect people's ever changing questions, this course is for you! Applications can help your end users work with your workflow without ever opening the workflow itself. In this course, students will learn how to create a user interface for an analytic app, implement best practices for app development and deploy/share apps to a wider audience.

Designer 302: Apps
You might be building apps, but you may also find that you are only using half of those interface tools for fear of how to configure the Action tool. Break free with this course and learn how to configure those more difficult tools, as well as learn best practices around app deployment, management, testing, and sharing.

Spark Direct: Code-free and Code-friendly Data Pipelines with Alteryx and Apache Spark
In this course, business analysts will learn to leverage Spark to perform data prep and blending on massive datasets, without writing a single line of code. Additionally, data scientists and engineers will learn how to embed advanced Spark operations written in Python, R, or Scala into Alteryx workflows by using the Spark Code tool.



Dynamic Optimized Workflows
In this course, you'll learn tips for developing dynamic workflows and optimizing workflows for speed and processing power.

Workflow Whisperer
If you've ever spent time trying to unravel a problem in your workflow, you don't want to miss this session. You'll not only learn how data moves through a workflow, but also about common errors you may encounter in workflow development and how to rectify those errors. You'll leave this session with valuable troubleshooting techniques to whisper your workflows into obedience!

Advanced Spatial Analytics
Ready to take your skills in spatial analytics up a notch? Learn to apply spatial processes to data, utilize Core Data to geocode data, and display your findings with a map.

New in 2018 — Certification at Inspire!
Beginner (core) & Advanced prep classes
Go home with a certificate upon passing our exam, proving what you learned at Inspire! Certification for the Core and Advanced exam is FREE and last minute paid preparation courses are available.  We will also be offering the Expert Certification Exam that is available only at Inspire or Inspire Europe.

Classes are filling up fast! Register Now to secure your spot. Please note that there are additional training fee's on top of the Inspire registration. 


Product Training

training cost_inspire18.png


If you have questions about Inspire training, please let us know by replying to this thread.

8 - Asteroid

Hi @LeahK


Are these related to the Breakout Sessions listed on the Agenda for 2018? I'm trying to identify individuals who should be attending based on the Breakout Sessions versus the paid training sessions. 


Also, when can I expect to see more details of what the Breakout Sessions are? 


Thank you,


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Great questions @tonyppham503!


Product training is different from the breakout sessions.  Breakout sessions, also known as track sessions, are included in the standard cost of registration.


Monday Tuesday & Wednesday Thursday

Product Training


*additional cost

General Sessions -- Keynotes, evening events, and breakout sessions.

*included in the cost of Registration


Breakout Sessions:

ACE Track
Learn from Alteryx ACEs as they share expertise around highly technical Alteryx capabilities from predictive to spatial analytics, and go back to work with ACE confidence.


Community Track
Our NEW Community Track will infuse the spirit of your Alteryx Community. Team up with peers experiencing the thrill of bringing the platform into their daily lives.


Data Analyst Track
Data analysts are delivering game-changing insights. Hear case studies on data blending best practices, getting started with predictive, plus diving deeper into spatial.


IT & Business Leader Track
Led by business leaders and IT professionals across industries and companies, learn to launch analytics-driven organizations with Alteryx as the core.


Tech Track
Get the lowdown on new Alteryx technologies directly from the Alteryx team that developed them. Alteryx Tech Track will be your adventure from basic to advanced topics.

Product Training


*additional cost


We are still finalizing session details and scheduling for the 2018 track sessions, and will update the agenda page as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I would recommend that you check out our 2017 track/breakout sessions -- which will give you a better idea of what to expect.


I hope this additional information is helpful! Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

Can I just say how much I love how you guys are doing the training this year?!?! Last year it was hard to understand the level of training I signed up for and I ended up in a training session that was way too easy. The new format for this Inspire clearly explains what each training is and who the intended audience is. I am so excited!!!

7 - Meteor



I would like to do some advance study before Designer 201: Macros full day session so I benefit the most I can.  Would you happen to have any suggestions to practice? I am weak in Excel macros and was not sure if I should work on them ahead of time, if no other suggestions.


Thank you.

9 - Comet

Hi Leah,


My colleague and I signed up for Inspire over a month ago, but we had to get approval for the paid training sessions.  We're good to go now, each of us will go to two classes.


However, how can I edit our registrations to add these sessions?  I'm unable to find a way to do it.  I've logged into my registration page, but there is no way to update my choices and reach a new payment screen.  Could you advise on how I should proceed?