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Contest - Alter.Everything on the Road to Inspire

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


Join the Alter.Nation and share how Alteryx alters your life and work! Submit your life-altering analytics story for a chance to win your spot on the Road to Inspire video series, a free pass to the Inspire 2018 conference where you will be featured on the main stage, and other fabulous prizes.


How does Alteryx alter YOUR life?Badge_road-to-inspire.png


Participating is easy! All you have to do is address the following in your submission:

  1. How does Alteryx allow you to kick ass at work? 
  2. Show us what YOU do to fulfill your passions outside of work.  


Pro-tip: Increase your chances to win! Surprise & Delight our sights, sounds, and emotions!

How to submit:


You can either reply here on the Inspire Buzz - OR - Use the hashtag #AlterNation & #Alteryx18 on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to submit your entry. Make sure to mention @Alteryx.


In order to qualify you must include either a video OR photo(s) along with a written response.


UPDATE | EXTENDED DEADLINE! The contest will run from February 14th until March 30th, 2018.



  • A special badge for anyone who puts themselves out there by entering the contest.
  • SWAG Bags for the top 10 entries across all submissions.
  • Grand Prize winners will be featured in an upcoming episode of Road to Inspire and receive a complimentary pass to Inspire Anaheim or London 2018 (will select up to 5 winners)
  • NEW! -- Top three grand prize winners get a little something extra 😉

When we say "WIN BIG," we mean it.When we say "WIN BIG," we mean it.

Entries will be judged by a qualified panel of Alteryx judges who will evaluate each entry based on the following criteria:STARTS-LIKES.png

  • 50% creativity
  • 50% votes, likes or stars from your peers via Community and Social channels 


Check out the official rules here.

5/16/2018 -- UPDATE


Tune in to the ROAD TO INSPIRE video series, featuring our top three grand prize winners!


  1. Road to Inspire | Episode One
  2. Episode 2, coming soon...
  3. Episode 3, coming soon...
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

How does Alteryx allow me to kick butt at work?

  • Not a day goes by that I don’t startle my nearby colleagues with a triumphant “YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!” with Designer on my computer screen. I’m always discovering new ways to use Alteryx to publish Interactive Lessons to our Alteryx Academy, create Weekly Challenges to get our users’ wheels turning on Monday mornings, optimize my metadata collection process from our learning materials, or coordinate trainers for Inspire.

Show us what YOU do to fulfill your passions outside of work. 

  • Instead of counting the days it takes to get my work done, I count eighth notes.  Outside of work, you can find me playing the viola in a community symphony orchestra and in chamber groups.  Here’s a snippet of my quartet playing some arrangements of Danish folk music!            
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

OMG @tessaenns!! What a treat this was for me this morning and what I ruckus I caused in the office, literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Good stuff.

Tara McCoy
9 - Comet

Haha @TaraM, I am glad you enjoyed! My friend and I had a lot of fun making it :)

9 - Comet

Awesome @Nick612Haylund! And yes, I will be at the IDS tower next Thursday, I look forward to meeting you in person! :)

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Alteryx helps me kick ass at work by allowing me share and explain the complexities of data with everyone inside my company. It allows me to take analytics to a whole new depth within just a few tools. While other roads are littered with training manuals and hours of uphill climbs, I was able to Alter Everything within my company within weeks of when I first started using it. Even after 6 years (time flies when you are having fun), I still find myself able to transform the way our company does business. In the last year my mission has been to Inspire others to join me the road to better analytics. You will regularly find me wearing data gear on the weekends in hope that someone will ask me about Alteryx.  There is nothing like a good workflow share...


It provides me with free time on the weekends to explore some of my hobbies like woodworking, glass blowing, pottery and thrill seeking! Check out my video:

12 - Quasar

1) Alteryx allows me to make my job and other people's jobs easier every day. I can do everything from ETL to quick ad-hoc analysis at a moment's notice. Without Alteryx, these capabilities would either take much longer or be impossible. One of our biggest triumphs with Alteryx was when we did a deep analysis into our data and within an hour had a complete story to tell about where we were, where we are now, and where we expect to be. In my professional career I have never felt so excited because something like that would never have been possible with any other tool that I know of.


I have  also seen Alteryx take off as a common language. When we all speak the same language our collaboration and knowledge capital just explodes.

We are working smarter, faster, and better every day we use Alteryx.

2) Outside of the office I mostly spend time with friends. We go to brunch, hot springs and hikes whenever we get the opportunity. I also LOVE hanging out with my local Alteryx users and @SeanAdams whenever he is in town! ( @Arianna_Fuller, @samN, @AT_12)


I would also omit a good portion of my life if I didn't highlight my random singing in the shower, apartment, office, and car...

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@andrewdatakim AuGH! I love your dog! She's so cute! :)

7 - Meteor

How does Alteryx allow you to kick ass at work? 

Alteryx is always giving me those 'that was easy' and 'that was quick' moments. I love being able to say I've solved something it. I get a sense of pride and joy when the results come out. I always use Alteryx, even for data discovery. I love how Alteryx has evolved over the years, data profiling makes finding those inconsistencies really easy. Alteryx is making me kick ass at work everyday! I wish I had discovered Alteryx whilst I was doing my Masters Degree!



Show us what YOU do to fulfill your passions outside of work.

Kicking ass with Alteryx during the day, and kicking ass of an evening. I am a second degree BlackBelt in TaeKwon-Do. I love kicking people, especially in the head and ribs. I am also a world champion.


12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar



She is amazing. She even does the agility courses like Arlo, I think that will be a video for next year :) We are teaching her how to weave in between the agility poles now. FYI, she gives the best hugs ever! It started when she was a baby, we used to let her sleep on our chests.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Your MiniMe is a true fan!!  Thank you for all you and she do for Alteryx!!