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Contest - Alter.Everything on the Road to Inspire

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


Join the Alter.Nation and share how Alteryx alters your life and work! Submit your life-altering analytics story for a chance to win your spot on the Road to Inspire video series, a free pass to the Inspire 2018 conference where you will be featured on the main stage, and other fabulous prizes.


How does Alteryx alter YOUR life?Badge_road-to-inspire.png


Participating is easy! All you have to do is address the following in your submission:

  1. How does Alteryx allow you to kick ass at work? 
  2. Show us what YOU do to fulfill your passions outside of work.  


Pro-tip: Increase your chances to win! Surprise & Delight our sights, sounds, and emotions!

How to submit:


You can either reply here on the Inspire Buzz - OR - Use the hashtag #AlterNation & #Alteryx18 on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to submit your entry. Make sure to mention @Alteryx.


In order to qualify you must include either a video OR photo(s) along with a written response.


UPDATE | EXTENDED DEADLINE! The contest will run from February 14th until March 30th, 2018.



  • A special badge for anyone who puts themselves out there by entering the contest.
  • SWAG Bags for the top 10 entries across all submissions.
  • Grand Prize winners will be featured in an upcoming episode of Road to Inspire and receive a complimentary pass to Inspire Anaheim or London 2018 (will select up to 5 winners)
  • NEW! -- Top three grand prize winners get a little something extra 😉

When we say "WIN BIG," we mean it.When we say "WIN BIG," we mean it.

Entries will be judged by a qualified panel of Alteryx judges who will evaluate each entry based on the following criteria:STARTS-LIKES.png

  • 50% creativity
  • 50% votes, likes or stars from your peers via Community and Social channels 


Check out the official rules here.

5/16/2018 -- UPDATE


Tune in to the ROAD TO INSPIRE video series, featuring our top three grand prize winners!


  1. Road to Inspire | Episode One
  2. Episode 2, coming soon...
  3. Episode 3, coming soon...
11 - Bolide

Absolutely fantastic stuff if only i could give you +10 stars!

11 - Bolide

How does Alteryx allow you to kick ass at work? 

  • Delivers results period!  - Most of the hardest work in analytics is defining the business problem then getting access and preparing the data. Alteryx empowers everyone to do this (not just the BI team) and so transforming and enabling critical decisions at the front line where it matters to the customer. 
  • Develop a single customer view - Single customer view doesn't have to cost a company millions! Alteryx enables anyone with a bit of business knowledge to collaborate with others and develop a single view of customer across digital,front line, call centre and other channels. The business impact of this is huge!
  • Collaborate as a team - Solve difficult business problems and build workflows as a team (with the business actively involved every step of the way) and not as individuals! This is really helping to change the culture of relationships between business and analytic teams.
  • Makes everyone a citizen data scientist - Alteryx enables everyone to achieve advanced analytic outcomes using spatial and predictive and applying them daily to business problems saving and making companies millions of dollars!
  • Sharing - everyone is so willing to help out. I also particularly love the Alteryx user stories shared at Inspire as it shows the product being applied to deliver financial and business outcomes. Certainly it has helped open my eyes on to what is possible. A truely generous and humbling community.

My Passion outside work 

  • Body boarding down under!! -  Surfing the alteryx flag down under at beautiful Manly in Sydney.


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

  1. How does Alteryx allow you to kick ass at work?

It allows me to independently grab any data I want, manipulate it any way I want, and output it any way I want. And when I want to do it again next week/month/year, I can just open up my work and click run. 


2. Show us what YOU do to fulfill your passions outside of work.   

When I'm not Alteryxing at work, I like to help other people Alteryx. Whether it's writing blog posts, posting product ideas or answering other user's questions, it feels good to give back by helping others up their game.


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

1.  Alteryx enables me to work fast, and answer questions using data as fast as they can be asked!  I always ask folks - got dirty data?  Well, I've got a broom.  And once that data is cleaned up, there is a rich treasure chest of information within that can lead to serious value to both our company and our clients.


2.  My passion outside of work is my family.  Here's a whole bunch of pics of the fun things we do!


11 - Bolide

Absolutely lovely photos of your family!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Go Tasha, Go!!!

Tuvy Le
Manager, Community ACE Program
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for sharing such sweet photos of your family, @mbarone! Love the little one's Halloween costume :)

Tuvy Le
Manager, Community ACE Program
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
  1. How does Alteryx allow you to kick butt at work?

There are really too many cases where Alteryx kicks butt to count. If it weren't for Alteryx, our certification program I would sending 2000+ emails a month, manually checking pass/fails for 1000+ test takers, but now can distribute take care of this in less than a half day.  I wish the butt kicking was only relegated to work, but I have used it to make my home life simpler too. Just last month, my camera uploaded ~1200 photos to my computer. I came to find that each photo had a new folder it was placed in , leaving me with ~1200 folders containing 1 photo apiece. What could have taken me days to clean up, took me 15 minutes to thing through and 2 minutes to execute. Thanks Alteryx!


           2. Show us what YOU do to fulfill your passions outside of work.

When I'm not working and spending time with work or family, you probably can't find me anywhere. I'm likely in the high country of Colorado chasing back country epics and chasing some great dirt ( see #herodirt)!







15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

1. My favorite Alteryx features that come in handy every week at work:

  • I can easily access many different sources of data… all within one workflow.
  • Dirty data can quickly be cleaned up with just a couple tools.
  • Workflows can be scheduled overnight so that they will run and get me the data I want, even when I’m sleeping.
  • There are so many different ways to accomplish one task. Thus, there are always opportunities to educate yourself or others.
  • Building in Alteryx makes my job feel more like fun and less like work.


2. When I’m not at work, I love to stay busy. Here are a few examples of the things I like to do outside the office:

5 - Atom

Alteryx has changed the way I work, reason about a problem or tackle a problem head on. It has inspired me to work less hard and smarter. It’s just amazing how much time it saves when I am tackling any data prep issues. It used to take me several hours to do the same thing which takes me half the efforts now. Alteryx has exposed me to so many talented and great people through seminars and training. All in all, it has given me just the best things. I now have more time to do the crazy stuff I like!!!


This pic below is a sample of one of the crazy things i like doing in my personal time apart from Netflix :P21122349_1647666015268126_5503998695185027156_o.jpg