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Justify your Trip – Join us at Inspire 2017!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Do you need to get approval from your company to attend Inspire 2017?  We want to help.


If you haven't yet registered, and still need to make the case to join us in Las Vegas this June, we’ve included the attached Word document to help you justify your trip.  Fill in the missing areas to personalize the letter, and you’re all set. 



7 Reasons to Attend Inspire 2017:


  1.  NEW Alteryx ACE Track - Alteryx ACEs will share their expertise, enabling you to become an icon in your workplace.
  2.  MORE Customer-led Breakout Sessions - Business leaders and analysts share how they use Alteryx to get deeper insights from data.
  3.  MORE Product Training - You asked for it, and we're delivering more training for advanced Alteryx users. But new users will have plenty of introductory courses to get them started off right.
  4.  A Revamped Grand Prix - This legendary competition among the world's best Alteryx users is being reimagined in 2017 — it will be more interactive, and take the excitement to a whole new level!
  5.  Solutions Center - Product managers, developers, and solutions engineers answer your Alteryx questions during 1:1 sessions.
  6.  Keynotes - Hear how Alteryx is advancing self-service data analytics, and be inspired by our guest speaker.
  7.  Invaluable Networking Options - Rub elbows with your peers and sponsors to learn tips and tricks that will make you an icon as soon as you return to the office.