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Surfing in San Diego Anyone?

8 - Asteroid

Anyone interested in joining a relative beginner (stood up on maybe 15 waves total) for some surfing? Maybe Thursday afternoon or early morning one day? I'll be renting a board (and probably a car) to make this happen.



12 - Quasar

@MarshallG thanks for organizing - really looking forward to it.  Thursday afternoon will work great.  I don't think @JoshH would appreicate me skipping my 8am ACE panel for an early excursion  😉  I'm sure we'll all find each other well before Thursday and can even use the conference app to DM each other if needed.


Hey guys. It looks like I'm going to be tied up throughout the conference doing various Inspire duties, so unfortunately it doesn't look like I'm able to go for a surf afterall. I AM looking forward to at least going on the Alteryx Community fun run Tuesday morning - that should be super fun and the Community team has a great giveaway lined up for that. But I second Pacific Beach as a good beginner spot. There are lots of surf shops to rent boards from and the waves are mellow. I hope you guys are able to get out and take advantage of the sun and surf while in San Diego!


I'm not going to be able to make it, either as I need to fly home thursday afternoon. But I am so glad this is happening - I'm so jealous of you all!

Tara McCoy
5 - Atom

Hi guys,


So sorry to let you guys down - I am now no longer coming to the conference. Sorry!


Have a fab time!




@dataMack and @TaraM, I also started out surfing at the jersey shore!  (belmar/spring lake area)


Wish I was staying later into Thursday to be able to join the group for this!