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Community Badges You Can Earn at Inspire


I love making badges almost as much as I love earning them. Rest assured, there will be no shortage of badges at Inspire this year! How many will you earn?


i-am-going.png – are you registered? Make sure to share your excitement here and we will award you this badge.
 DigitallyConnected.png  Digitally connected – download the app and synch your accounts and this one can be yours! More details here

Inspire badge – if you pick up your badge at the conference, you’ll be awarded this one shortly after Inspire.


Speaker – for those who were bold enough to step on stage in one of our great sessions.


Community Run – run with us on Tuesday morning and this badge will follow you – pairs perfectly with argyle. RSVP and state your sock preference here.


Community Hub – swing by the hub and introduce yourself. This one’s easy and we’ll have a sweet treat for you.


I PostedShow us your solution after meeting with solution center staff. You’ll get a badge and a sticker.


Number 1 gamer – for the winner of the Space Invaders tournament! Details here.


Exercise meetup – swing by the Community Hub on Tuesday, June 7 at noon to review the latest weekly exercise and flex some muscle.


Livestream – The community team will be doing pop up interviews and livestreaming. If you get on camera, you get this badge.


Best photo – share your photos of the event and we’ll pick the best one. If we pick yours, you’ll get this.


Solution Center Staff – this badge will be awarded to the experts scheduled to help in the solution center, Alteryx Associates and ACEs alike.


Puzzle Master – there will be activity books at the solution center. Complete all the puzzles accurately, and you get this badge.


Survey Says – what did you think of the conference? Let us know and we’ll recognize you with this.

Tara McCoy