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Use Case - Building the Safety Culture at Polaris

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Community Members!


Here is a great use case that was shared almost a year ago, June 2019 by @JasonLahr, Data Analyst at Polaris Industries:


For many of you that don't know about Polaris, this company has earned the global power sports leader in on-road and off-road vehicles.


Polaris centralized its product safety organization in the Post-Sales Surveillance department and enhanced its analytics capabilities with a goal to rapidly identify, correct and learn from customer product safety and quality experiences. 


Using Alteryx, Polaris automated the process of identifying potential safety concerns from technical cases data. This solution was able to:

  • Flag 2% more safety issues in warranty claims and it resulted in better customer service, greater customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Provide a financial benefit of over $450,000 after one year of administering the process.

For more information and sample workflows from Polaris, check out their use case post on Community!


Many thanks,



Chris Shernaman | User Group Coordinator

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Chris Shernaman
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