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Potential Careers?

5 - Atom

Hello everyone! What type of career paths open up with extensive knowledge in Alteryx? I am enjoying learning about Alteryx, and I'm curious about potential careers before I really dive in deep. Thank you in advance.

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @jamesjanderson, answering the question on career paths post learning Alteryx is a tough one since it really depends on an individual's education and professional background. In general, I would say Alteryx has predominately been used by organizations to automate their data/analytics processes (across industries). Depending on the organization, Alteryx roles tend to be available in either the Business Intelligence/Reporting teams, or Technology. 


The following community post might be helpful as well: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/General-Discussions/Career-Advice/td-p/1002708, 


Hi @jamesjanderson 


@AbhilashR provided some great context and resources! 


I would also recommend checking out our job board: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/SparkED-Job-Board/tkb-p/SparkED_Jobs

Companies have posted data analytics internship and job opportunities, or you can also post your job-seeking profile.




@jamesjanderson Sales Engineering is a great path that opens up with experience of handling analytics and turning them into insights if you want to explore a sales related role but love working with technology platforms and building things. Alteryx (my favorite)  is one of many way to do that. Other roles that could be worth exploring include data analysts, product data owners, business facing technology teams etc. Essentially a role that requires you to turn data into insights or business decisions, Alteryx is a great way to mature your skills in those areas and open many doors for you in the future. Suggest you also balance this with some foundational SQL + python / Tableau or powerbi skills moving forward as it will balance options you will run into in many industries.