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Openings for Leeds School of Business Professional Analytics Gurus!

9 - Comet

Dear colleagues,


The Leeds School of Business has the perhaps best university-based Alteryx training program in the nation (see, for example, https://www.alteryx.com/input/data-analytics-students-go-further-faster-with-alteryx and https://www.colorado.edu/business/news/2021/05/21/claire-mccollough-alteryx-grand-prix). Among the reasons for our success are our close collaboration with industry and work with Alteryx (the company and the tool).


This semester, we are looking for two "Professional Analytics Gurus," analytics experts with at least the Alteryx Core Certification to hold a weekly Zoom office hour (60 minutes) for our students to come in and ask about career paths or just straight-up help with Alteryx problems.  This support is for our undergraduate introduction to business analytics, which uses low-code tools  like Alteryx and DataRobot. We are teaching 150 students across three sections this semester, and an office hours section may have from zero to a dozen students showing up, depending on when it is scheduled and the week's assignments. The commitment would be for 12 weeks.


Please reach out at kai.larsen@colorado.edu if interested, or forward to colleagues who would be a good fit.


Kai Larsen