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Data Innovators in Higher Education


Higher education is in an unprecedented era of disruption. Centuries-old ways of thinking and doing business can no longer work.


Hear from seven innovative higher education data leaders across the globe as they navigate this era of disruption by rethinking their approach to data, people, and processes.


In “Data Innovators in Higher Education,” you'll see how data leaders are leveraging Analytic Process Automation to:

  • Automate processes for faster time to insights
  • Empower intelligent decision-making throughout the institution
  • Tackle risk proactively with deeper insights
  • Turn your higher-ed data into smarter insights.

You can download this new ebook here: https://www.alteryx.com/e-book/data-innovators-in-higher-ed


If you are a data innovator in Higher Education let us know we would love to hear your story.

Andy MacIsaac