Hello from Chicago!!

7 - Meteor

1. What is your name and company, where are you located?

 My name is Eduardo Segovia Jr. Call me "JR". I am based out of Chicago, IL 

2. How do you currently use Alteryx?

 We use Alteryx to pull data from our EMR, CMS, third-party vendors, websites, and FTP. I am currently using Alteryx for financial reporting and accounts receivables. 


3. What areas would you like to grow in?

 My prior experience involved clinical quality measure development and steering national healthcare policy through physician stakeholder communities. Currently am looking to develop data science expertise.


I would like to see how others are building financial indicators and utilizing insurance information from a variety of payers including Medicaid, Medicare, and Private Insurance. I would love to see how people are integrating clinical and financial information to predict health/financial outcomes to drive better decisions.

4. What are your favorite weekend activities?

 I enjoy working out (sometimes), fishing, golf, working on my house. Anything outdoors is fun!!