8 - Asteroid

Hey Y'all,


Who doesn't love a free useful Dataset? has some great information that has helped me in the Healthcare SupplyChain sector;

-DUNS Number (,

-Item Information




-FDA Product Code

-GMDN categories (

-an ID to use with their API


I just think back to when my company acquired another system and we had to merge the vendor dictionary, manufacturer dictionary, Item Dictionary, and we were lucky enough to only have excel at our fingertips,... and that if I had Alteryx and the AccessGUDID dataset I wouldn't still be cleaning up duplicates because one dictionary had the manufacturer as "Zimmer Inc." and the other had "Zimmer"



Anyway, I built a macro to join an item dictionary to AccessGUDID's, and I tried to make it as "plug and play" as possible.


-Input your Item Dictionary (only need 4 columns!)


-Configure the Macro (Map to files/columns)


-Hit run and reap the rewards



It does require you to download the files from AccessGUDID, but that's super easy 

-Full Dataset -

-Implantable List -


The macro is pretty straight forward, it just does a little bit of cleaning and joining, There is also a "Manufacturer Name Matcher" macro in it that uses fuzzy matching so that no one ever has to let "Zimmer" and "Zimmer inc." slip by. I can't figure out a good way to upload this, so i'll just attach the workflow and two macros.


I hope this can help out, now go get back to saving lives 🙂