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Q4 (OCT) 2018 Meeting Recap

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



Thanks to our Consumers Credit Union hosts (and to Alteryx) we had a successful and well fed group.  Pizza, cookies and birthday cake were among the delicacies offered.  Calling in to the meeting was Reggie Wilerson who presented several Alteryx use cases from his work with State Department Credit Union.  Stephanie and India from Consumers credit union presented on spatial and predictive use cases too.  To round this event out, I gave some community updates and showed a few tips & tricks off. 


IMG_0314a.jpg  Attendees from Amway, Consumers, Stryker, Meijer came to the first group meeting held in Kalamazoo.


When we discussed Alteryx For Good, little did I realize that an Art Prize entry graced the floor at Consumers.  Below you'll see the entry that ties to our charity, Kid's Food Basket.  The chairs around the table visualize 1/5 kids going hungry.  Decorated lunch bags are displayed and cut-up credit cards create a working QR code that (please try it) links you to a giving page at Kid's Food Basket.

IMG_0319.JPG (point your QR Reader app at this image!!!)







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7 - Meteor

This is awesome! Thanks to Consumers Credit Union for hosting and Thanks to @MarqueeCrew for sharing!

That is pretty cool news about Kids Food Basket. I look forward to continue our partnership with them and helping to make data driven decisions. Can't wait for the next meeting and opportunity to leverage our experience to help impact West Michigan!