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Right licence for scheduling Alteryx workflows

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Hello Team,


I'm having a Alteryx designer licence which we purchased last year and designed some workflows. Now there is a dependency on me to run these workflows and in case I'm not available at work, these workflows cannot be run and we miss to deliver the required reports.


I was thinking of buying a separate Alteryx scheduler licence which can run these workflows automatically without my intervention. However I learnt that scheduler will run only if I'm logged-in on machine and if I'm offline it won't run. Is that right ?, if yes what could be the best possible solution to remove the dependency of running these workflows.


Looking forward for help from community members.


Hello @Kawalpreet,

I would recommend reaching out to relating to this topic, they can help you determine your best course of option, and put you in touch with your Alteryx sales rep when a plan is set up.



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