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SparkED Program Overview


The SparkED education program delivers breakthrough data analytics teaching and learning for schools, universities, and independent learners. Professors engage students with the latest technological developments. Students of all levels gain skills needed to question, understand, and solve with data.  


Free Alteryx Designer education licenses are available, and can be renewed. Learn more here. 


Students – Supercharge Your Studies 

No matter your field of study, data analytics is your passport to career and academic advancement; that’s why we’ve created a program to empower students to succeed in the data economy by getting hands-on experience with data analytics tools that are already used by thousands of companies across every industry.  


Engage with an active community of professionals using Alteryx, and earn certifications to showcase your expertise while getting an edge in the job market. 


For more information and to register for your free renewable 1-year student license, click here. 


Educators – Elevate Your Curriculum 

Are you looking to use the latest data analytics technology in your classroom or online coursework? Hundreds of academic secondary and post-secondary institutions around the world have already incorporated Alteryx into their curricula. Deliver an incredible learning experience covering the entire analytics lifecycle – from data investigation, to prep and blend, automation, predictive analysis, and more. 


All educators who intend to use Alteryx in the classroom are eligible to receive a free renewable 1-year educator license. To register, click here


Career Changers – Expand Your Skillset 

Prepare to accelerate your career path with analytics, one of the most desired skillsets in today’s workforce. SparkED provides cutting-edge analytics tools, an analytics automation platform, learning resources, and an entire community of peers so that individuals can add data skills and prove their increased value. 


To learn more and apply for your free 90-day career changers license, click here.