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Job Board FAQ


Q: What is the Alteryx Job Board? 

A: A new Alteryx Community space that is set up to enable job seekers to create a profile, and to enable hiring managers to create posts identifying opportunities for talent in data analytics. 


Q: What kinds of jobs can be posted here? 

A: Jobs related specifically to data analytics and/or jobs specific to an Alteryx skillset. Entry-level, intermediate, advanced, and internships.  


Q: What skills are relevant? 

A: Data literacy, analytics, preparation, blending, modeling, geospatial, predictive, visualization, insights.  Add skills specific to Core Certification. 


Q: I'm a Job Seeker – how do I get started using the Job Board? 

A: Register here to create your profile (for best results, add "Job Seeker" at the beginning of your profile title), and be sure to include your job objective, education, and other relevant information to help define yourself for hiring managers. You must be at least 18 years old to participate. 


Q: I'm a Hiring Manager – how do I get started using the Job Board? 

A: Click here to post a job or internship (post each opportunity separately, and for best results, add "Job Poster" at the beginning of each title). Please include the job level and desired qualifications to help define your opportunity for relevant top talent.  


Q: How long will profiles and job posts remain on the Job Board? 

A: Up to 90 days. Alteryx will enable connections between job seekers and hiring managers whose profiles and opportunities align. If you are a job seeker and have found what you are looking for, or a hiring manager who has filled an opportunity, please send email to identify the post you want deleted. If 90 days have gone by, you are welcome to post the same or new content.


Q: How will job seekers and hiring managers get connected? 

A: Job seekers may connect directly with hiring managers through their job posts. And if you share an online profile (like LinkedIn), hiring managers may reach out to you directly. 


Q: What kinds of information should go into a job seeker’s Job Board profile? 

A: To protect personal information, just the following: 

  • City, state/province, country, region of the world 
  • Willingness to relocate or preference to work remotely 
  • Available start date 
  • Job level sought (intern, entry-level, intermediate, expert) 
  • Type of work (permanent, contract, full-time, part-time) 
  • Work experience overview 
  • Key strengths 
  • Education, credentials, certifications, badges 
  • Extra-curricular activities 
  • What excites you about data-capable jobs? 
  • Link to another online profile (like LinkedIn, Handshake, etc.) 
  • Any other relevant information of use to a hiring manager 

Q: What kinds of information should go into a hiring manager's job post? 

A: Here is a list: 

  • Job title and description 
  • Company or organization, including address, city, state/province, country, URL 
  • Job level (expert, intermediate, entry-level, intern) 
  • Type of position (permanent, contract, full-time, part-time, remote, relocate) 
  • Key strengths needed 
  • Education preferred 
  • Other relevant information to support a job candidate’s application 
  • Link to online job posting (if available) 


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