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How Do I Renew My License?


How do I know if my license key is about to expire? 

You can find your exact expiration date in the product by clicking on Options > Manage Licenses 


Students and Educators 

If you are still enrolled as a student, or you will be teaching coursework throughout the next school year, you can renew your free 1-year Alteryx Designer education license up to 7 days prior to expiration or after your license key expires. To receive your new license key, use the following links:




If you are outside the U.S., please allow 1-3 days to receive your new license key. 


To activate a new license key, open your current version of Alteryx Designer. Click on Options > Manage Licenses > Activate New License 


Graduating Students 

If you are no longer enrolled in an education program and/or institution and are ineligible to renew your Alteryx education license, you may purchase a new license at any time. Please contact uswhen you are ready! 


If you have recently begun your career and your new or current employer does not yet utilize the Alteryx platform, introduce them! Start here:  "How to Pitch Alteryx to your Boss Like a Boss"


Career Changers 

If you are an individual learner looking to develop a data skillset for a new career path, you may be eligible to renew your free education license. Visit our Career Changers page to learn more 


If you have additional questions, please send us an email 

5 - Atom

Hello. My Alteryx Trial has ended and I have contacted Alteryx to purchase a new license but nobody is contacting me back.  I've call Alteryx Sales twice and submitted inquiries via the "Contact Us" form twice as well. Can someone direct me to where I can purchase a license?