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What is the craziest thing/s for which you have used Alteryx for?

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Where is the button for more stars?! That is a good one, thank you for making my day.

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You're welcome.
8 - Asteroid


I have started a program at work called "Friday Fun with Alteryx" and each Friday we are releasing an Alteryx flow which is not work related. 

One of them just ask you to input your birthday and e-mail address and you will receive an e-mail with the day of the week when you were born, your star sign and also your age in days. 🙂

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Another flow that we have created for Friday Fun with Alteryx was the "Alteryx Cooking Book". There is a database with over 200 recepies from romanian cusine and the user just choose one of them and receive it via e-mail.

Cooking Book.png 

11 - Bolide

I love this thread! None of mine are really crazy, but they were super fun to build!


  • While learning spatial tools, I practiced by using Alteryx to prep the data for this Road Trip Radio map. I was curious about our listening habits (and other metrics about our trip), and had recently done weekly challenge #84: Map Hurricane Harvey's Storm Evolution, so I wanted to try building polylines with the log data from my car!


  • We also used Alteryx to create randomized bingo cards for our annual analyst retreat... Building the bingo cards was a reporting tools workout, for sure!
    (traditional baseball scorecard on the left, Alteryx-generated baseball bingo card on the right.  COPA = Community of Practicing Analysts)


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Hello again,


In our Friday Fun program we have developed another flow that retrieve you the temperature in the selected location. We are using some web scrapping for that. Depending of the temperature interval the picture from the e-mail will change. 🙂




5 - Atom

Hey, I know this i like 3 years later, but I'm trying to make sense of the Apple Health data export (the giant XML) and was wondering what you did in Alteryx to get some insights from your data. Any tips would be appreciated!