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Warnings when joining databases

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I am joining 32 excel files that have the same format xlsx and same first row but it returns me 25 warnings as follow: 


"Warning: Input Data (17): The file "xxxxxxxxxxx.xlsx|||`Tabelle1$`" has a different schema than the 1st file in the set and will be skipped"

Does anyone has an idea of what could create this warning? I have tried to check the excel files and there is no difference.


Thank you!!

11 - Bolide

Hi @alienormqr 


As it's excel it's likely that some of your field types aren't the same between the files even though they look the same, so Alteryx will reject the files as they 'don't match'. I'm assuming you're using the dynamic input tool?


There is a handy flowchart here that helps with the different types of inputs, including multiple excel files and talks you through building a macro to deal with this issue