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Santalytics 2019 | Clue #8

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In search of remnants following the devastating antimatter-matter explosion, sucking Santa deep into a black hole, Santa’s Reindeer went on a quest to uncover clues lost in the Alteryx Community.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out SANTALYTICS 2019 | Oh no! Santa’s lost in time! We look forward to your participation!

Blitzen, a true investigative connoisseur, had an inkling that he would find a clue in the Alteryx Use Case library. While searching for patterns, he got a bit distracted by all the amazing customer stories and learned a lot about how users leverage the Alteryx platform within their organizations.


He began to wonder if Santa would benefit from using the Alteryx Platform to optimize his distribution methods, and noticed the ability to filter the use cases to find what he was looking for.

Blitzen_Use Cases.png


It wasn’t long before a pattern emerged...


Clue #8


This is a 2 part clue!


A) There are many filters available on the Use Case page. You can filter by industry, role, solutions, etc. How many total individual filter options exist?




B) In the Excellence Awards Hall of Fame we recognize the game changers who are making an impact. In 2018, how many winners did we recognize?


If you add A + B, you will get...



Hold onto your answer. You'll need it to complete the final challenge on December 16.

Are you stumped? Feel free to reply to this thread with questions.

Additional information along with contest terms can be found


Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Clue #9!

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

confusing .... i'll go with simple.

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Hint: when counting filters, count the check boxes (Business Intelligence or Analytics, Customer Support, etc), not the high level categories.

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I updated the clue in the original post to make it a little less confusing. That was my bad. Thanks @MarqueeCrew for sharing your feedback!