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SANTALYTICS 2019 | Clue #5

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



In search of remnants following the devastating antimatter-matter explosion, sucking Santa deep into a black hole, Santa’s Reindeer went on a quest to uncover clues lost in the Alteryx Community.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out SANTALYTICS 2019 | Oh no! Santa’s lost in time!  We look forward to your participation!



Comet was eager to help with the hunt for Santa, but wasn't sure where to start. So they went to the Ideas page, where our Community members can post their great ideas for Alteryx, to get an idea on where to start from there!


Since the Designer board had the most amount of implemented ideas, Comet decided to start there.


Sadly, no one had any ideas on where the reindeer could find Santa, but the idea boards did have a ton cool and helpful ideas that were added to Alteryx, including several that Comet realized could help Rudolph analyze the data from the community to find Santa.


There was one idea in particular that Comet thought would help Rudolph in his analysis.


Clue #5


There's an idea to provide more file types that can be dragged and dropped onto a workflow, which we implemented in 2019.3. How many likes did this idea receive?


Hold onto your answer. You'll need it to complete the final challenge on December 16.

Are you stumped? Feel free to reply to this thread with questions.

Additional information along with contest terms can be found here.

Be sure to tune in Tomorrow for Clue #6!

Community Program Manager