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Microsoft Tool Stack VS Alteryx

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Hi everyone,

I am currently working with a client that are not using Alteryx at the moment and are very hesitant to do so because of their IT-department. I NEED HELP to convince IT!



They have had many tools in the past (way too many!) and have decided to cut down to the essentials going forward.

I can follow the logic behind it and support it, but now it seems that every tool-introduction is now met with the statement that:

"if can you do it using the Microsoft tool stack, then you should use it!"


The business users definitely sees the potential and ease of using Alteryx, but are having a hard time convincing the IT-department. The thing is, that the above argument as I see it, closes down any discussion, so therefore I need some good argumentation - kind of an "either/or fallacy".

What I am searching for is a good metaphor/analogy for challenging the statement.

I am aware "the law of the instrument - to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail", but in this case it is a bit more tricky/complex I would say.  I agree that I can most likely do everything using Microsoft tool stack as I could using Alteryx. But just not with the same speed, ease and skill-set. 

Would appreciate your thoughts on this and how to argue against this kind of argument!


Hi @FrederikJensen I would love to connect you with one of our Alteryx Innovators. I will send you an e-mail to gather more details. Thank you!

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You are not alone in your situation! Why spend more money when you get everything with the Microsoft subscription?


I’m definitely young and inexperienced, but I’ve found my success in demonstrating return on investment and scalability. Microsoft is great, and my clients all use the platform, but folks sometimes want to see something different - something innovative. 

I’d suggest building demonstrations, building PowerBI dashboards to show success and ROI, and assisting your colleagues and coworkers utilize the work you’ve done. 

A quick example is that I was on a team that was using a completely automated Excel macro workbook. I was able to isolate the problems the team was having using the tool - mainly, that it took so long to apply the macros and formulas, often crashing. I put all of that time preparation in a PowerBI deck against a workflow I built that did the exact same thing. The workflow took a few hours to build, created efficiencies and consistencies on the team, and sped up the process. I was able to scale the application to the entire team through the Alteryx server. Although the Excel based macro solution, and Alteryx solution both did the same thing, I was able to really isolate the benefits of stepping away from the old and outdated, and moving towards the new and efficient method of doing things in 2020. 


Good luck and keep us posted!

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Thank you @the_jake_tool!


I understand your answer and that is also the current approach we are taking.


It would be great if you have some input on developing solutions using Microsoft Azure Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning or other tools available in the MS Azure Tool Stack compared to doing it in Alteryx. 


Best regards