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Know about data science

7 - Meteor

Hello everyone,I am completely new to a data science.What are the foundations of data science and how would i be able to grab it through this platform?Furthermore,how would I start earning or start a career in it, could anyone please explain it to me.Furthermore as I am new to it how do I use alteryx platform license of around 60 days?


Thanks in advance!

11 - Bolide
12 - Quasar



I personally utilized some courses out on LinkedIn Learning and Udemy!


I also love the options offered by Alteryx!


Check out the Data Science Learning Path here.


Enjoy and good luck!


8 - Asteroid

I started on my learning journey a little while ago.  There was a lot of info but it seemed really granular and how to wrap one's head around.  So I decided I needed a Method Map to navigate the plethora of algorithms, methods, and models.


Post about using the Method Map:



Method Map Sheet:



In terms of overall learning I really like this nano-degree:



12 - Quasar

hey @Paul123 

Before you start your Alteryx license, give the interactive lessons a watch, they'll take you through the tools that you will be using.

The i'd recommend a few days of cracking some of the Alteryx Weekly Challenges:

These vary in difficulty but start at beginner, grab one that takes your fancy from the beginner category, and give it a play!

If you get stuck, there are hundreds-thousands of people in the comments putting their own solutions, give one of those a look and see if it helps!


Then its onto your own personal interests, what are you trying to learn to do with data science?


16 - Nebula

Hi @TheOC,


Paul posted his message a year ago 😛 He could become be a data science professional since then 😀


I totally agree weekly challenges are a very valuable source of knowledge I actually completed one in the predictive analysis today and it was super fun 🙂 



12 - Quasar


Well leaving the message there for anyone new to Alteryx! The thread was revived from a new comment 😁 I should learn to check the dates

I need to get back on the weekly challenges, too many badges up for grabs that i don't yet have!