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Kaggle-like Data sharing?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

As a long time fan of the Kaggle Community, I wanted to open up a conversation around what a more open ended Data sharing and collaboration experience could look like on the Alteryx Community... 


This concept comes up from time to time, and felt compelled to invite YOU our community to share your perspective.


For example, if we opened up a dedicated space for our members to share data sets or even specific action items (or what Kaggle would refer to as a "task") would you participate? Would you share a dataset to open up a dialogue with the community or gain insights?


Data sets are shared across the community in a variety of forms, and am just wondering if we are missing out on an opportunity to make this experience more useful/compelling for our members.


Also curious about whether folks would be compelled to share other things... like apps/macros -- Historically, opening up an open ended call to action to share things (other than ideas, questions, weekly challenges) hasn't been consistently successful. 

10 - Fireball
10 - Fireball

Cool idea. Reminds me a bit of 


Like you said @LeahK , tons of datasets are being shared across the platform today already, would be nice to have a repo of them. To you point about macros/apps...still wish there was an easier way to search for (find) macros/apps in Public Gallery. Would like to see resources dedicated to that vs centralizing datasets first, but perhaps that work would compliment both initiatives. 


Will keep an eye on this thread! 😊