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How to show same Alteryx Dataflow in two separate windows?

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Is there a way to show same Alteryx Dataflow in two separate windows?

For example, many times I need to refer data preview or metadata result in one input tool and go back to another input tool to adjust data type to match another input tool. I am wondering if I can have two windows open for the same Alteryx Dataflow similar to Excel's view new windows function. Thanks!



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Not sure if Alteryx has that option. I have 2 different versions (2021.and 2022.1) of Alteryx and that is how I match the result.

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You are able to open up two instances of the Alteryx applications on your machine and you can have the same flow open on both. I have found, however, that I will do a "Cache and Run Workflow" prior to whatever I am making changes on. This is done by right clicking on a tool already in the flow and selecting "Cache and Run Workflow".


Some other things to consider:

  • Running a smaller subset of the data while you make changes
  • Having a flow saved that is a working copy and one that is your production and then make changes to the working copy.
    • This will allow you to have two instances of the same flow open at the same time
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In user settings you can select "Allow multiple tab files of the same file to be open"


Then you can have two tabs of the same workflow:




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Thank you! This is helpful.