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How to Convey the Benefits of Alteryx

12 - Quasar

Hi All --


I need some advice, direction and/or resources. 


I work in the corporate tax department of my company. I have built some very complicated workflows that achieve desired tax goals. Currently, only corporate tax uses Alteryx, so let's say all the other department doesn't know what "an Alteryx" is.


My personal issue is that I have presented the tool to other departments. However, I tend to show them what I have already done for tax and that is where I lose people. I fear that the workflows I present are too complicated to give them a flavor of what the tool can do for them.


Does anyone have any advice on presenting the tool to people who have never seen the tool before? Is there a good standard presentation I can use? If not, maybe we as a group can build a good standard template and workflow that really illustrates some of it core functionality and power. I do understand that every dept's data needs are different, but if we have a baseline, then it is easier to customize then to build from scratch.


Let me know what you think and maybe we can work on it together (or if it already exists, please let me know where to find it.)


Thank you and stay safe!









Hi @smoskowitz --


I think there are a few ways you can go about this...


My first suggestion is using the Starter Kit workflows. You can download these from the portal and they are free! We have sample workflows that focus on different area like Finance or Marketing Analysis or Supply Chain. This way you can tailor your presentation to your audience... in this case the different departments! 


Another option is to talk to the Alteryx account executive. They might be able to provide you with some demo material OR set up some time to have someone come in (virtually) to demo to a larger group. 


And lastly, here's a video of a basic demo: This is a 20 minute recorded demo that's a basic workflow & is easy to understand.


Does this help?



12 - Quasar

Thank you @AshleyL, this is certainly a start.