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Halloween Candy App Challenge - Beginner


Halloween Candy App - Beginner


The GOAL is to produce an app that allows users to select their favorite Halloween Candy with awareness about sugar content and then use the app to generate results that they can download and take with them.


If you don't have App Builder, you can start a free trial here. And don't forget there are help docs if you need them!


To complete this, users will minimally need to have the App Builder Creator role for a workspace in AACP.


Launch App Builder to Create a NEW Application.


First, bring in the attached dataset and configure the Orchestration of your app. Group by CANDY_NAME and get an average of the SUGAR_PERCENTAGE. Sort the AVG_SUGAR_PERCENTAGE ascending, and then create a table and bar chart output. The bar chart should have CANDY_NAME as the X-Axis and AVG_SUGAR_PERCENTAGE as the Y-Axis. Configure the app to download the table output.


If you get stuck, you can peek at the instructions here:


  1. Drag a Load Dataset integration tool onto the Orchestrate canvas to connect to the data file HalloweenCandy.csv.
  2. Connect a Type Conversion tool to convert the percentage fields from the incoming dataset to Double types.
  3. Next, connect an Aggregate tool and configure to Group By CANDY_NAME and do an Average of the SUGAR_PERCENTAGE.
  4. Next, use a Sort tool to sort by AVG_SUGAR_PERCENTAGE ascending.
  5. Connect 2 tools from the output from the Sort tool:
    1. Table tool
    2. Bar Chart with CANDY_NAME as the X-Axis and AVG_SUGAR_PERCENTAGE as the Y-Axis
  1. Finally, add a Download tool after the Table.

Move to the Design tab to customize the Design for your app.

  1. Use the various Building Block tools to design the interface of your app. Drag the various Building Block tools out onto the Design canvas. Try to use at least 1 of each tool. Get creative.
  2. On the leftmost side of the screen, go to the next section down: Workflow Tools and prepare to start dragging out your Workflow tools to Design your app. Placement does not matter, so get creative here too.
  3. Drag the Bar Chart onto the canvas and set the additional configurations as you like. You already set the X and Y Axes as CANDY_NAME and AVG_SUGAR_PERCENTAGE earlier. Now you can Label the X and Y axes accordingly. You can also add a Title, Subtitle, play with the font styles, colors, and alignments.
  4. Drag the Table onto the canvas and set additional configurations, make sure to use the “Row Selection” so that output data will be available for export.
  5. Add the Download button and configure the style, color, and alignment.
  6. Feel free to play with the Color Themes on the left side of the screen.


When you’re done, you can use the eye icon to Preview your app as users would see it and try it out. You can also try Publish and Unpublish as well as specifying Custom URL paths. For extra credit, try adding some Images on the Design tab.


Post a screenshot of your app in a spoiler tag below when you’re finished, and let us know what you thought of this challenge!

Tonya Smith
Sr. Technical Product Manager, cloud App Builder
15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

A lot of fun and learning for me, thanks.


I only have experience of Designer Desktop, and this was my first experience on AACP. In my company, we mainly use on-premise dataset thereby I didn't know much about it, and didn't need to do, either, however I'm starting to be attracted by Designer Cloud, too. I'll look into it more. 

I put an image of Pikachu from

Thank you @gawa and I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

Tonya Smith
Sr. Technical Product Manager, cloud App Builder
13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

This is what I needed. a dataset and a prompt.


I was really trying to get the scatterplot tool to change colors based on selection and pretty much just spent my whole time making that work. I have ideas for future iterations that I will build upon!


I have started trying to diagram my app builder "flows" to demonstrate the importance of each layer in the process. I am starting to think about attacking this problem from the app builder orchestration layer first, and then like I did in this build, realize where I needed a Designer Cloud workflow to do the tricky things.


Candy Diagram.pngCandy.png

Treyson Marks
Managing Partner
DCG Analytics