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5 - Atom

Looking for any input on the best way to staff a team that relies heavily on Alteryx usage in day to day processes. We use Alteryx in many, nearly all, of our processes but lack the time to have someone dedicated to learning all of it's existing and upcoming capabilities. We are looking to hire someone, but do not know if it is best to hire someone with no experience (for lesser amount) and provide training to them or to look for someone with Alteryx experience. If anyone has dealt with this in the past or has ideas on how to find job-seeking candidates with Alteryx experience, any input is greatly appreicated. 


Thank you!

12 - Quasar

I have my team members take advantage of the great free live webinars that seem to be happening every week these days.  Alteryx has historically had a bunch of great YouTube videos, but no good way of organizing that content, until a couple weeks ago when they posted their 'self-paced' training series, which combines videos with help articles and sample data sets (with solution set).  This allows users to progress linearly, or jump into a particular topic.  Employees tend to learn in different ways, so providing a variety of methods is important.


As for hiring, because Alteryx is such a great tool that can serve a variety of use cases, you have to hone in on the aspect that is most important for you.  For example if modeling, that someone with stats background and R expereince would be a good fit.  If its more of the data wrangling/prep for analytics, then I think that the kind of users that will take well to Alteryx are the sames ones that are quick to take up Tableau.  It may be difficult to hire for someone directly with Alteryx expereince since the tool is still growing its user base.  Instead I'd suggest looking for someoone that is very good with Excel and has Tableau expereince- their adoption curve on Alteryx should be quick.

5 - Atom

Hi Jason,

Thank you very much for the feedback, it is very helpful to hear the strategy taken by other organizations. Great point about Alteryx still having a growing user base and not being a standard as excel and other programs are. I will definitely take this into consideration.