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Dynamic field names from cross tab output

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I have recently started using Alteryx, so this is a beginner question. 


I have some data where the columns are a mixture of strings (names and products), doubles (values and amount) and dates (N number of month-ends). I wanted to take the date column and use the values in the column to be shown as separate columns and then values for the rows in that column to be the sum of the values.  This is so the data shows monthly totals side by side and their variances. 


In order to do that I have used cross-tab, followed by a formula box to find the difference in values between two dates, and that works fine – but in the formula box I hard code the dates.


However, next month the dates will change, so I’m not sure how to make this dynamic so that after the cross-tab the flow of the data still works and doesn’t rely on me hard coding dates?


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can you post up a sample of your data?