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Dear Esteemed Community Members,


I am working in field of data for more than 6 years and have worked on tools like Tableau, Power BI, R and Python.

I am new to Alteryx. It would be of great help if someone can help me with few queries:


1. Is it safe to compare Alteryx with traditional ETL tools like ODI or SSIS? And, which one has more advantage over other.

2. Which is more powerful Alteryx or Power Query?

3. If one knows coding esp. for predictive analytics, what advantage does Alteryx provide over  R  or Python?

4. Can Power BI or Tableau dashboards be replicated in Alteryx.


Warm Regards,

Vinay Singh



Hi @singhv18 
thank you for your interest in Alteryx!

1. & 2. Alteryx is more than just ETL. We see ourself as Analytic Process Automation platform - check out this link:


3. Alteryx is code-free and code friendly.

Code-free: Alteryx provides out-of-the-box models for all kinds of Predictive Analytics problems. This is esp. helpful for people that are not familiar with coding:

Code-friendly: Alteryx has a R & Python Integration, therefore you can leverage those languages directly in Alteryx. 

4. Alteryx has connectors to PowerBI & Tableau. Many customers are using Alteryx and BI solutions in combination: Alteryx for data prep & analytics and BI solutions to visualize the results.


Was that helpful for you?


Best regards