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Community & Analytics Gallery: Single Sign On FAQ

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Part of the beauty of the new Alteryx Community is its integration with the Alteryx Analytics Gallery. Going forward, you will only need one set of credentials to access both.
Before you get started, please make sure you review the frequently asked questions below to ensure the best possible experience.

What’s the Analytics Gallery? How do I know if I already have an account?
All Alteryx users have an Analytics Gallery account tied to the email address they used to register their license. If youre not sure what your password is, heres how to recover it:
    1. Click Sign In in the upper right corner of the screen
    2. Click Forgot your password?”
    3. Enter the email tied to your Alteryx license and click OK 

If you have a license but never created a Gallery account, click Register and sign up for a new account using the same email address tied to your license.

I already have Analytics Gallery and Alteryx Community accounts; Is there anything special I need to do to connect my accounts?
    • Click Sign In at the top right of the community
    • On the Gallery sign in page, click “Forgot your password"
    • Enter the email address tied to your active Gallery account
    • Follow the instructions in the "Reset your password" email to select a new password
    • Click the Sign In button in the upper right corner of the Gallery and enter your email and new password
    • Click Community in the upper right corner of the Gallery
    • You should now be logged in to your existing community account
My accounts still aren’t connected. || I have several accounts and the wrong ones got connected. What do I do?
Email us at including the email address tied to your Gallery account and username of your community account so we can help resolve the issue.
I have an Analytics Gallery account, but no community account yet. How can I create one?
    1. Click Sign In at the top right of the community
    2. Under Welcome Back, enter your existing Gallery credentials and click Sign In. If you forgot them, go through the Forgot your password flow.
    3. You’ll be redirected to the “Complete your Profile” page.
    4. Select a Username
    5. Fill in the following required fields (We are working through passing over the necessary information we have already captured with your Gallery account)
    6. Accept the Terms of Service
    7. Click Submit
    8. You will automatically get logged in to your Alteryx Community account.
I’m not a member of the Alteryx Community or Analytics Gallery yet. Where do I get started?
    1. Click Register at the top right of the community
    2. On the Analytics Gallery page, Fill in the form under “Join now - It’s Free!” and click Sign Up
    3. Accept the Terms and Conditions
    4. Follow step 3 through 7 listed above.
My company uses generic/shared Analytics Gallery and Alteryx Community accounts. How will this work?
    • For security purposes, we strongly recommend that you create an individual account tied to your work email address, rather than sharing a generic account. On the Alteryx Community, we prize transparency and individuals’ expertise. It’s always a better experience when we know exactly who we are interacting with! 


Congrats! Once you’ve gone through registering a new community account or reconciling it with your existing Analytics Gallery account, you’ll never have to go through it again. You’ll be able to simply login once to navigate both the Alteryx Analytics Gallery and the Alteryx Community.
If at any point you encounter any issues or have questions, let us know via private message or email us. We'll be happy to help!