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Non Profits in Poland

15 - Aurora


I send my message to alteryxforgood@alteryx.com but I received an automated message with information that I can submit my question here. 


I am a potential volunteer and I wanted to ask if there are non-profits organizations that are based in Poland and they use Alteryx?
The second question maybe they are non-profits interested in using Alteryx and I can help them with implementing it? 
15 - Aurora

Hi @AFG_Team,


I forgot to tag the team 😀


Hi @Emil_Kos


Nice to e-meet you, and thank you so much for raising your hand to get involved with our Alteryx For Good nonprofits! I am always looking for volunteers to help implement Alteryx into nonprofits 🙂 We are in the process of formalizing our skills-based volunteering program, so for now, feel free to send me an e-mail (lmisenhimer@alteryx.com), and I can share a few opportunities with you!



Lori Misenhimer

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