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Under the hood of Alteryx: tips, tricks and how-tos.
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Are you the admin in charge of adding new users to Alteryx? Are you the one who needs to make sure Alteryx meets your organization’s security requirements? Has your IT department tasked you with implementing and managing Alteryx? If so, our new Enterprise Readiness series is for you!


As your company’s data strategy evolves, you might be seeing new requirements for governance and administrative oversight. You will want to have visibility into what data is flowing through systems, who has access to it, and how it’s being processed. This is particularly true where workflows are part of regulated processes with specific requirements around audit and compliance.


Welcome to the world of “enterprise readiness.” But what does enterprise readiness even mean? That’s what Alteryx can help you navigate.


Alteryx is used in 19 of the top 20 banks in the world, as well as 49% of Global 2000 companies, and we know what it takes to apply enterprise-level best practices to your governance strategy – no matter your company size or industry.


This series will dive into the features and functionality that Alteryx provides to help you better understand how our products fit into your technology ecosystem and meet the needs of your enterprise. Today, we’ll give you the lay of the land. Read on to see a breakdown of enterprise readiness categories.


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Data Governance


Empowering your end users with self-service analytics requires a foundation of strong data governance. We are committed to helping you ensure the right users have access to the right data. We provide capabilities like access controls and sharing, management of Alteryx workflow metadata, and audit logs. Additionally, we have investments in lineage, observability, and integrations with leading governance platforms to provide visibility into how users transform and use data in production processes.


Process Governance


We know that many of you treat workflows and other assets as code and sometimes create your own system to manage that ‘code’ to help you comply with auditors' requests. Good governance is much more than just building a few workflows. Good governance has to do with setting up adequate processes, rules, and guidelines, training associates on good behavior, and ensuring that proper documentation exists. That is why we are also providing a template for a governance process, from developing a workflow to putting it into a production environment to give you an oversight and management layer on the work your users are doing in our products. This allows you to safely optimize tools, promote collaboration, and drive continuous improvement as you continue to develop analytic processes on the Alteryx platform.




As an enterprise business, you need straightforward and secure access to the data your teams are eager to analyze. We offer you safe and reliable connectors to a wide range of systems. Plus, if you're dealing with unique or bespoke data sources, we've got you covered with the ability to create your own connectors. We're dedicated to continually developing and supporting connectors that enhance our products and meet all your data analytics needs.


Ease of Administration


To help you scale Alteryx across your organization, we streamline administrative tasks, such as user management, license allocation, upgrades, and platform configuration, all to optimize your operational efficiency. We have intuitive interfaces, automation capabilities, and centralized management tools so that your organization can simplify the deployment and maintenance of Alteryx products, enabling seamless scalability and reducing the burden on IT resources. Your administrators are empowered to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine maintenance tasks.


Security & Availability


Security and availability are key to keeping your data safe, ensuring compliance with regulations, including SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001, and enabling your market expansion across regions. We provide you with robust encryption methods, in transit and at rest, access controls, and monitoring systems to safeguard your data, no matter where you do business.


AI Governance


As your organization adopts artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and starts leveraging generative AI (GenAI) models for analytics use cases, we know that you need safeguards to ensure compliance with regulations and protect your organization from reputational harm. That’s why we have established a Responsible AI Framework to help shape the ethical use of AI. Our goal is to help you mitigate risk, and in turn increase your trust in our GenAI products, by implementing model governance, including bias detection, explainability, and more.


Stay tuned and Follow Our Series


You may need to adopt some or all of the above functionality for Alteryx to be deemed ready for an enterprise roll-out. To help you along the journey, we will dive into each of these categories in a series of blogs following this one and give suggestions on what you might want to consider as you develop your complete governance strategy. Stay tuned for the next installments!


Also – if you’re going to Alteryx Inspire this year, don’t miss our breakout sessions that will cover your top enterprise readiness questions! Several of our clients will present their experiences in implementing governance frameworks as well. Check out the session catalog for details of these sessions.


See you in the next one!