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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Introducing BB Date


BB Date is a new Alteryx tool that handles dates so you don't have to. 




Dating Isn't Fun


Let's be honest folks.  Dating is never fun, whether we're talking about the romantic variety or the data variety.  However, unlike the romantic variety, dates in data don't get to stop just because you throw an overpriced party filled with family members whose names you can't remember.  Like the story being told by the inebriated wedding patron who grabs the microphone to make a toast when the toasts are supposed to be over, dates in data will never end.  


Since we can all agree that our bosses and customers are going to continue to care about the "when" pertaining to our data, Dates and DateTimes are something our Alteryx workflows are just going to have to deal with.  But what about the cases where our data just isn't cooperating?  Now, if you're reading this thinking "Dates are easy.  I never have issues with dates!", I have a message for you:  Stop.  Please.  You are lucky.  Perhaps you have data that is coming straight out of automated systems which all use the same formats.  Enjoy all of your free time. The rest of us toil in the factory of sorrow created by a renegade user in another department who makes the data as messy as possible.  You know who I'm talking about: that user who decides that the date format used by all of the other systems in the company is a recommendation, and fulfills their patriotic duty to use a date format that was only used on their nation's submarines and nowhere else.  


Now, assuming you do have data like this, and disparate groups of users sending it to you, you could always ask these users to fix the formatting of the dates, but you consider youself lucky that they're sending you ANYTHING, so you do what we all do: mutter under your breath about "kids these days" while you clean up their mess.  


Mutter under your breath no longer.  You have a friend, and that friend is BB Date.  Any resemblance to adorable, spherical robots in certain recent movies is purely conincidental.  


BB Date is Here to Help




What does BB Date do?  Well, let's walk through a scenario that is all too common in the business world.  You've been given a big spreadsheet with several columns that each contain various kinds of dates.  They were copied and pasted into this sheet by dozens of users over the years, and the users were obtaining the data from a plethora of systems, some new, some long-retired, and others unknown.  The data looks like this:




The Old Way 


This is ugly data created for the purposes of this blog post.  Let's examine what happens with this data set with the current Alteryx date tools.  First, we'll grab the DateTime Tool and pull it onto the canvas.  After connecting this ugly data to it's input, we'll see a few things that are a bit tough to swallow:



Let's go ahead and try to use this tool on the "Join Date" column of the data.  The column has mixed formats, so we'll go ahead and pick the format we think is most common.  In this case, the format is "yyyy-MM-dd".  


The output is captured below:




 As you can see, it is up to the user to select a date format for the parser.  This by itself can be difficult for the newer, less technically experienced users.  Adding to this, the parser will only try the format selected.  


This is not necessarily a bad thing in certain scenarios.  There are going to be times where a user with a given dataset will not want mixed format dates to be handled at all, because it may be a sign of bad data they want to know about.  However, many times a user knows they have messy data, and they simply want to process it as easily as possible.  


There Has To Be a Better Way!




Enter BB Date.  Let's see it in action below:




 As you can see above, BB Date is pretty self-explanatory.  It just works.  It's not a miracle worker (it expects the date format fed into it to MOSTLY conform with one of the dozen or so standard formats), but it is a great tool for drastically simplifying the process of dealing with dates in Alteryx.  For specific date formats that BB Date will work on, please see the table referenced in this Alteryx documentation here.  (Note:  BB Date doesn't work on certain date formats with only a 2 digit year.  See the Limitations section at the bottom of this article for further explanation.)


So How Does It Work?


At it's core, this macro is actually made up of a macro within a macro within a macro.  Cue the Inception music. 


Below is an image that captures the high-level structure:

BB_Date - New Page (2).png


The innermost macro is an Iterative Macro whose sole job is to take a single column of data, draw a random sample of 1000 values, and then run logic to progressively find the most common date format in the column and output the format.  It works recursively, meaning that after the first pass, it ignores the most common format and looks for a second most common format in that same column.  Currently, for performance reasons, it's been limited to make only 3 passes, meaning that it will detect up to 3 different date formats for each column it works on.  It takes in a column of dates as input, and outputs the 1-3 of the most common date formats it detects within that column.  See the image below for details:




Calling this "Date Detection" iterative macro is a batch macro, which runs this process on the one or more columns a user has selected in the BB Date interface.  Since the iterative macro it contains is only running on a sample with a maximum of 1000 records, the performance remains solid on larger data sets.  For each column, the batch macro outputs the top 3 most common data formats detected. If less than 3 are detected, one or two of these columns will be left with Null values.  It outputs these top 3 formats as columns appended to each value for each column in a simple, standardized key-value structure which allows for maximium flexibility.  See the image below:





The "outermost" part of the BB Date macro is a Standard Macro which contains the above batch macro.  This macro contains all of the logic for performing the actual conversion of the selected date fields utilizing the 3 most common detected date formats for each field it processes.  Notice that the actual processing uses a series of Formula tools.  These tools perform a series of basic string processing tasks culminating in a final Formula tool which tests the DateTimeParse function on each field with the 3 formats, in order of 1st most common to 3rd most common.  This is a "trick" which takes advantage of the fact that the DateTimeParse function will return "Null" if given an incorrect date format, but will successfully process a date when given the matching date format.  After these key steps, the macro proceeds with some relatively straightforward post-processing steps to ensure that the output data matches the format of the input data as much as possible.  See the image below for details:






BB Date isn't capable of magic yet, although we plan on implementing the latest versions of sorcery into the product as soon as we can find an ACTUAL WIZARD (Seriously Alteryx recruiters, how hard can it be?  Just look on LinkedIn for someone who attended Hogwarts.   However, please don't hire certain people with red hair and clothes who will burn employees at the stake to boost profits.)  Anyway, since our recruiters have failed in attempts of hiring people competent in supernatural programming as of now, we're stuck with some grim realities of things BB Date can't handle:


  1. BB Date needs 4 digit years.  2 digit years are going to be problematic, because 04/08/02 could be interpreted numerous ways.  I really hope you aren't trusting a robot to interpret dates like this for you, because I've never had a boss who was cool with the "blame the robot" excuse.  
  2. BB Date will handle mixed date formats in a column, but is limited to a maximum of 3 different formats in a given column.  This was done for performance reasons, and an arbitrary line had to be drawn somewhere.  


Other Options


BB Date is one of many tools built by folks in the Alteryx Community that helps with dates.  If you have some date formats that BB Date won't handle, you might want to try a tool built by the bow-tied maestro @AlexKo that helped inspire BB Date.  Alex's tool (found on the Gallery here) isn't as "auto-magic" of a tool as BB Date, but it allows users to specify their own date format, providing for maximum flexibility.   




Hopefully, BB Date is a useful tool that will save you headaches.  More importantly, I hope that you can crack it open, look at the insides, learn from it, and make it even better.  It's not going to be perfect, and I can't wait to see what the community can do to improve it.   


I'm looking forward to your feedback, comments, and questions.  Here's to better dating experiences!  


BB Date can be downloaded from the Gallery here.  



JP Kabler
Lead Software Engineer

I'm a data geek with a background in consulting in both the defense and retail sectors, where I used a combination of Python, R, and SQL for helping to build analytic and predictive tools. When I'm not coding, I like to run, hike, lift, and embarrass my kids with dad jokes.

I'm a data geek with a background in consulting in both the defense and retail sectors, where I used a combination of Python, R, and SQL for helping to build analytic and predictive tools. When I'm not coding, I like to run, hike, lift, and embarrass my kids with dad jokes.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

This article is hilarious - and informative! Thanks for the detailed diagrams and annotations. The BB Date tool is a dream come true for getting dates into Alteryx!


I hope you don't mind, but this falls in line with a series of articles we've been working on with tips for macro development, and I'd like to mention it here so both can pop up in the search results for anyone who's interested..


The CS Macro Development Series, for example: CS Macro Dev: Field Maps, Drop Downs, & the Select Tool Trick.

11 - Bolide

Well done, @JPKa...  Well done.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Appreciate the feedback @Coxta45 and @AlexKo.


Just a note to anyone who downloaded this macro today:  


At the last minute, I made a change for cosmetic reasons and inadvertently introduced a performance killing bug.  The version on the gallery as of now has been fixed.  Apologies, and big thanks to @RodL for catching it.  

6 - Meteoroid

@JPKa, It is an amazing work.
I am going through the detail of the workflow and all macros and have few questions regarding to it.

For a dynamic select tool in "Assign Record ID/Split into Selected/Non-Selected Rows" tool container, the expression says 


[Name] in (%Question.selectDateField%) || [Name] == "_bb_date_rec_ID_".


I know %selectDateField% refers to the listbox named as %selectDateField% but where does %Question% refers to? 



Another simailar question is related to "BB_Date_Container.yxmc". From a Dynamic Select tool, the expression says 


[Name] in ("_bb_date_rec_ID_","%Question.ControlParam.dateFieldParameter%")



Is there a quick way for me to track which %Question% and which %ControlParam% it refers to?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@BenChan thanks for the kind words.  


The specific variables you are referring to can be found in the Workflow-Configuration window for the respective macros which contain them.  


So basically, within a macro which contains these %Question.xxxx% values, click off of a tool, onto the canvas, and the "Workflow - Configuration" window will open within the Config window.  In this menu, select the "Workflow" tab, and you will see the respective global variables that are referenced.  They are very handy for advanced development purposes.  





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey guys it's me, back with more shameless self-promotion!


Check out this article for more details on the above: All About Constants

8 - Asteroid
Hello JPKa, first of all thank you for developing the BB date macro. As I also would like to enjoy 'dating' again, I downloaded your marco from the gallery and tried to install it as explained here: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Knowledge-Base/How-to-Install-a-Macro/ta-p/13032 . Unfortunately nothing happens, meaning I cannot access the macro via the toolset, neither it shows up when I type 'CC Date' into the tool search field. Is there anything else I need to do in order to make the macro available? Thanks.
8 - Asteroid
Hi JPKa, it is now working and it is working GREAT! My mistake, I did not realize that this was downloaded as a workflow and need to be saved as a macro. After that, I can use the macro directly from the tool bar. There is just one question left. When I use German date format (e.g. 01. April 2013) this will not be transfered. Is there any way for me to include typical (German date) formats to convert?
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



Apologies for the delayed response!  I was out on vacation and have just returned.  


The date formats that BB Date can handle are all actually referenced here:  https://help.alteryx.com/current/index.htm#Reference/DateTimeFunctions.htm


Note that 2 digit year date formats are not supported.  


My suggestion to you for the German date formats is to experiment with the Formula tool DateTime functions to try to parse the specific format with a given format string (for example, %b/%YYYY).  


IF you are able to successfully parse it, this format can be added to BB Date by going into the innermost macro (the iterative macro walked through in the blog post) and adding the format to the text input tool.  (You will notice that the Text Input tool has a pre-defined list of date formats, which any user is free to edit.)


Please let me know how this works out for you, and reach out with any further questions!  





8 - Asteroid

Hey JP,


Thanks a ton for making this.   I am getting a ton of use out of it. 


My one question - Some of the dates are being output as a Bool instead of a Date?  Do you kno when that would happen?  I have looked into a few things, but can't figure it out.  Date formats are same going in, and it is happening to about 6 of the 20 different columns I am feeding it, all out of the same data source.


Thanks again. 

8 - Asteroid

Figured it out.  Can't have non-letter characters in the column names. 


Thanks again.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@ddye  Sorry you had to answer your own question!  


Let me know if you have any other issues and/or concerns with the macro.  





7 - Meteor

How does one handle dates with AM / PM in them?


The only reference I found is https://help.alteryx.com/10.6/Reference/DateTimeFunctions.htm#Format where it says the %p syntax is not supported.


I was hoping this magic macro might manage it. But, alas, it does not work as I expected.


When I run it through BB-Date, the Date and time field becomes [Null] and a new field called Null is added that is a sort of fixed copy of the original date and time data. It has the right HH:mm:ss but it still has AM or PM there, too.


I have a sample data Excel file, but can't seem to import it or attach it here.


The field that gets borked is this one:

Date and time
3/17/17 7:13:19 PM
3/17/17 7:14:57 PM
3/17/17 7:21:24 PM
3/17/17 7:25:11 PM
3/17/17 7:26:30 PM
3/17/17 7:29:10 PM
3/17/17 7:31:28 PM
3/17/17 7:32:35 PM
3/17/17 7:38:16 PM
3/17/17 7:38:18 PM
3/17/17 7:38:30 PM

 it leave me with this field:

Date and time

 And this one stuck in a new column.

03/17/17 19:13:19 PM
03/17/17 19:14:57 PM
03/17/17 19:21:24 PM
03/17/17 19:25:11 PM
03/17/17 19:26:30 PM
03/17/17 19:29:10 PM
03/17/17 19:31:28 PM
03/17/17 19:32:35 PM
03/17/17 19:38:16 PM
03/17/17 19:38:18 PM
03/17/17 19:38:30 PM

 Is this user error or is it something that can be tweaked in the macro?


I can always take the new field and chop out the AM / PM, but I think it isn't supposed to be doing it this way.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@jrdepriest , 


There was a major overhaul of date/time functionality for our version 11.0 release.  


I need to re-evaluate the BB Date macro to see if it is still fully functional in 11.0.  The tool leveraged a "quirk" in the Alteryx date-time parsing logic which would cause the parser to return a null value, rather than error, when it encountered a data that didn't match the format string it was given.  I'm not sure how much of this functionality was affected, but it may be a cause of your issue with BB Date.


I would recommend you dig into the macro to take a look and see if it's something you could tweak.  Otherwise, I'm planning on fully rebuilding this tool around Python when we release our Python SDK in the future.  There are some great smart date parsing libraries in Python that I'm planning on leveraging.  







Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

There's a new and improved version of the BB Date tool here.

5 - Atom

Can I get complete workflow of this macro please.

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

@JPKa @NeilR - I think I might be missing something here (maybe not). I think the reason a lot of us wanted to BB Date tool was not only did it simplify having to figure out the format of a field but more importantly that we could select multiple fields at the same time (hence not having to have a bunch of DateTime tools). The new version uploaded by @AshtonW here: https://gallery.alteryx.com/#!app/BB-Date-Tool/5c0093d08a93370cb83db501 only now does 1 field at a time. I don't mind modifying it to handle multiple fields but wanted to ensure that is floating around somewhere 😉


UPDATE: I did just ran into the "DateTime parse Krew" macro from @Kenda . Seems to do what I want! https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Designer-Discussions/Working-with-Dates-Convert-Multiple-Fi... 


Thanks and great work guys! A very practical useful tool!

7 - Meteor

I'm trying to use this plugin in a job we are publishing to the Alteryx Server and I am getting this error any ideas?


Error: Unable to resolve plugin Python 'BB Date\BB Date Engine.py'

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
@jayordan You'll want to install the tool on your Server as well.
5 - Atom

This is an amazing tool. Is there a way to include dynamic or unknown fields? 


That way I can pair this tool with a dynamic select tool, and automatically parse all fields that have "date" in the name.


Thanks again, this will save our team days as we build out our EDW!

6 - Meteoroid

So I love this tool but one of my users found an issue with it just recently and wondering if anyone has gotten this and has a solve for it.


Date provided was 09/01/2015, the BB macro then converts it to 20150109 instead of 20150901.