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Under the hood of Alteryx: tips, tricks and how-tos.
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Have you faced a challenge of making your workflow in production, sharing it across the organization and to different team members or creating backup- but were concerned if any modifications are made to the workflow?


I encountered this challenge recently and did not know how to resolve this in Alteryx.


The solution was provided on the Designer Discussion thread, Locking a Workflow, by user @Claje - an out of the box thinking to tackle the challenge. Below is the simple step to make your Alteryx workflow read-only.


In a file explorer, select the workflow by right-clicking and opening the “Properties” section:






After this, no changes can be made to the workflow and would display below error message:






This technique has helped us to keep our workflows protected from any alteration or mistakenly-made updates by any other team member. This method can be followed effectively for audit and version control.


Feel free to share below any other method you follow in your organization to maintain your workflows in production.