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First, a big shout out to Adam Riley and his UK Alteryx Blog! Nothing gets me going as a developer more than seeing users fired up about using the product. Thanks Adam for your enthusiasm.


Our annual conference Extend2010 is just around the corner and Ian (our Chief Architect, Core Web) and I are planning the Developer Summit. One problem that we are having is that everyone seems to have a different view of what a developer is so our audience may be very diverse. For the purposes of these sessions, we are preparing for everyone from users just starting to create macros and wizards in Alteryx, to web developers looking to deploy custom services to hard core C++ programmers looking to extend Alteryx in ways we never imagined.


Creating an agenda that will keep everyone satisfied has proven to be a challenge, but we hope that we have something for everyone. Our preliminary agenda is:

  • Overview of the Developer Tools category in Alteryx - Ned (CTO)
  • Writing Effective Macros - Ned (CTO)
  • Batch Macros: Why & How - Rob (Senior Developer, Core Engines)
  • Consuming Alteryx Wizards from C# - Linda (Senior Developer, Core Engines)
  • Alteryx Connect Web Services: Architecture & Futures - Ian (Chief Architect, Core Web)
  • Consuming Alteryx Connect Web Services from JavaScript and C# - Ian (Chief Architect, Core Web)

And finally, if there are any hard core developers interested, we will have a bonus session in the solution center from 1pm - 2pm:

  • Alteryx SDK: Writing tools for the Alteryx toolbox (C++ & C# skills required) - Ned

Every session will include ample time for Q & A. Our hope is that we will have enough content to keep the interest of everyone from experienced Alteryx users to hard core developers. If there are any other topics that people want to cover, all of us will be available in the solution center over the course of the conference. This will be a technical session, so for people not already familiar with Alteryx, you may be better off attending the Product Training that is happening at the same time.

Unfortunately, anonymous comments are not yet working on this blog, so if you have any comments about the agenda or requests for topics you would like to see covered, email me at nharding@alteryx.com.